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Visit these 5 snorkeling spots in Zadar on your boat tour

calendar iconNov 15, 2021

Experienced travellers know very well that after a whole day of sightseeing & exploring monumental sites in Zadar, the best thing to do is grab your mask & explore some of the best snorkeling spots in Zadar archipelago on your boat trip.

It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or an experienced snorkeler,  there are many unique spots all over the Zadar archipelago where you can witness captivating underwater life & nature’s wonders. The only things you need are a mask with a snorkel, provided by yours truly – Zadar Archipelago boat tours.

While scuba diving offers a unique experience of heading deep underwater, snorkeling activities keep you near the sea surface & are simple enough for the youngest. Whether you like to explore the ancient sarcophagi near Silba or simply enjoy the play of natural light deep down in the bottom of Golubinka Cave, visit these snorkellng spots on your boat excursion in Zadar is an excellent choice to fully soak up the natural wonders in the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

snorkeling spots in zadar jumping into the sea
Jump into your next snorkeling adventure in Zadar

Zadar archipelago is an ideal spot for snorkeling, because of its crystal-clear water, plenty of underwater life & submerged ancient spots. The best part is there are no dangerous species like sharks so you can fully relax and enjoy these top 5 snorkeling spots in Zadar archipelago on your next boat trip.

Snorkel around the sunken ship on Dugi Otok boat tour

Best snorkeling spots in Zadar Archipelago map

Let us take you on an unforgettable boat trip to one of the best snorkelling spots in the Zadar archipelago, in the northern part of Dugi Otok. After a brief and thrilling speedboat ride across the shimmering sea, you will reach the shipwreck of Italian cargo ship Michelle, which sunk in 1983, luckily without any casualties.

Take a moment and enjoy the serenity around you, while your Zadar Archipelago crew prepares your snorkeling gear. Your local guide will tell you the tale of this impressive ship and how it got its final resting place.

Moreover, here you will see secluded bays, the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea, two tiny islets in the middle of the sea, and of course a shipwreck effortlessly piercing the sea surface.

Although there are few stories about how it sunk, the most interesting theory tells us how the captain himself sunk the ship in the hope to get compensation. The ship got stranded on a very shallow part of the channel and it is still protruding from the sea surface.

This fact makes Michelle one of the most approachable snorkeling spots in Zadar archipelago. Apart from that, inside of the shipwreck, you will discover vivid marine life, corals and various schools of fish that reside here. Since shipwreck is slowly sinking, make sure to visit it while it is visible from the surface and enjoy a unique view.

Please be careful, and try not to touch rusty parts of the wreck, to prevent any cuts or injuries. We suggest you wear sea shoes, so you can comfortably explore one of the most amazing snorkeling spots in Zadar archipelago.

TIP: Michelle is very popular, it is best to visit this snorkeling spot in the morning hours to avoid the crowds.

snorkeling spots in zadar aerial view of sunken ship michelle
Snorkel around the sunken ship Michelle in Zadar archipelago

Explore one of the most exciting snorkeling spots in Zadar – sea cave Golubinka

One of the must-visit snorkeling spots during your boat tour in the Zadar archipelago is the longest and most exciting sea cave in the Adriatic – Golubinka. Your professional crew will take you with your speedboat right in front of the entrance of the cave, and your guide will swim with you in the cave, and your skipper will wait for you in front of the cave.

Apart from that, your local guide will take you to the end of the cave, where you can snorkel around the pebble beach located in the cave. The sea is shallow there, and you can explore the sea bed, beach, snorkel around the cave or make stunning photos with your Go pro.

While swimming in this 50meter long wonder of nature, pay attention to the ceiling openings through which sun rays gently enter the cavern. You will be amazed by the scenery inside of the Golubinka, which reminds me of the prehistoric, Jurassic era. Here you will be able to witness a spectacle of colours on the cave walls, made by the sun rays which are piercing through the ceiling of the cavern.

Enjoy in a blue-greenish and golden-brownish palette, intertwined on the walls. On your way back, you will discover the best part – the spectacular sea colour, which looks simply magical.
Moreover, this place is brimming with life, and here you will be able to see sea sponges, rich marine flora and various schools of fish.

Since Golubinka is a sea cave, it will be colder inside of the cave, but as soon as you swim outside of the cave, the warm Adriatic sea will warm you up.

TIP: If you like excitement, you can try cliff jumping from the cliffs above the Golubinka cave. There are 3 spots of different heights perfect for beginners and adrenaline junkies.

snorkeling spots in zadar relaxing in golubinka sea cave
Relax after snorkeling inside the Golubinka sea cave

Discover ancient sarcophagi on a boat trip to Silba island

Silba island is one of the remote islands of the Zadar archipelago and it is known as the island of the captains since it has a long maritime history. Apart from that, this lush paradise is completely liberated from cars and known as the island of pedestrians. Here you will be able to enjoy the best of summer activities on your boat trip, without the brimming summer crowds.

Moreover, your local crew will take you to Pocukmarak bay, where you can jump in the crystalline sea, and snorkel around the millennia-old sunken sarcophagi from Roman times. The sarcophagi are on a depth of only 2m which makes them a perfect snorkelling spot for beginners, and history buffs.

Besides the sarcophagi, here you will find vivid marine flora and fauna, a crystal-clear sea, a vast population of sea urchins, and playful fishes all around you. Your local guide will tell you the legends of the island and tell you the tale of the Toretta, also known as the tower of love.

snorkeling spots in zadar snorkeling around sunken sarchofagi
Snorkel around ancient sunken sarcophagi near Silba

Meet the vivid marine life in Kornati Islands

On your boat trip to the Kornati islands, you will enjoy a thrilling boat ride through the numerous bays, discover a plate-shaped island Taljurić, and find out why the Kornati islands are called a nautical paradise.

Your local crew will take you to island Mana – where you can snorkel in the bays of this private island, or hike on the top and witness a 360 panoramic vista and a unique movie set that looks like an ancient village.

Apart from that you can explore the rich underwater world on the island Levrnaka, and snorkel with colourful fish. On the other side of the island, just a brief hike from your speedboat, you will discover one of the most beautiful bays on Kornati – mesmerising Lojena lagoon, with the sandy seabed.

Take your time and explore the world beneath the sea surface, and ask your local guide to make an epic underwater photo on your boat excursion in the Zadar archipelago.

snorkeling spots in zadar marine life in kornati islands
Discover underwater flora & fauna in Kornati Islands

Enjoy unspoiled nature and emerald waters in Telaščica bay

Visit the absolute jewel on your Kornati & Telašćica boat tour & one of the best snorkeling spots in Zadar archipelago, and enjoy the lush nature and crystal-clear sea. Telašćica bay is known as one of the most beautiful and safest bays in the Adriatic sea.

Since fishing in this area is strictly forbidden, here you can snorkel with a vast variety of fishes and explore numerous aquatic species. Grab your snorkelling gear and jump in the emerald bay in Nature park Telaščica for a unique boat trip experience in unspoiled nature.

TIP: You can snorkel in the Salty lake Mir on top of the Nature park Telaščica and enjoy its water known for its healing properties.

snorkeling spots in zadar snorkeling with fish
Snorkel with playful fish on Telašćica

Why visit these snorkeling spots with Zadar Archipelago?

Trust in our local know-how as we deliver you these fantastic snorkeling spots in Zadar on your boat tour in Zadar Archipelago. We know the best routes & will take you to these snorkeling spots in Zadar with ease & most importantly on time to avoid the crowd.

Our professional crew is at your full disposal during your whole boat trip & will provide you with fresh drinks and snacks as well as an underwater camera to capture your snorkeling adventures for social media.

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