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Top 3 Island Destinations for a Solo Boat Trip in Zadar

calendar iconMay 29, 2023

Solo travellers in  Zadar will be amazed at its dotted archipelago that consists of over 200+ islands filled with natural beauty and picturesque Mediterranean villages with a unique island lifestyle. Moreover, on a solo boat trip in Zadar, you will have a chance to explore the local traditions, try out local gastronomy, and get friendly with locals who will gladly share local insights with travellers.

Why go on a Solo Boat Trip in Zadar?

Travelling solo might seem intimidating but once you see the stunning nature of Zadar and its vast archipelago, you will be so mesmerized by the vista you will forget all concerns. 

Moreover, locals in Zadar and generally Croatia are very friendly, social, and outgoing people. 90% of people in Zadar speak English and one other foreign language, which means, communication will be easy. 

Solo travel in Zadar might be a great choice; you will have enough time to enjoy peaceful strolls along the historical city centre, enjoy the local gastronomy, meet new people or go on tours to the islands. 

Here are our top 3 picks for solo travellers in Zadar – it does not matter if you’re relaxing, hiking or sightseeing – these spots are certain to get your solo travel adventure in Zadar off on the right foot.

Solo trip to Dugi Otok: Enjoy a Unique Boat Adventure

Be bold and opt-in for a solo trip to Dugi Otok. Enjoy a scenic boat tour in the Zadar archipelago, get unique experiences, and create unforgettable memories in stunning locations. 

You will enjoy a thrilling yet safe and comfortable speedboat ride, which means you will have more time to explore the island and less in transit. Besides your boat tour will be fully guided and a friendly local crew will make sure you enjoy your tour and visit the best spots on this gorgeous island. 

Moreover, if you opt-in for a group tour, there will be a max of 12 people per boat, which means you will enjoy a small group boat trip and individual approach. 

Dugi Otok boat tour will give solo travellers in Zadar a chance to enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride, enjoy seascape scenery, snorkel around the sunken ships, and explore the majestic Golubinka cave. If you are bold enough you can try out cliff jumping and enjoy the thrilling jumps into the pristine Adriatic sea. 

Furthermore, your solo trip to Dugi Otok won’t be complete without gorgeous beaches. You will swim in the turquoise sea of Veli Žal and enjoy the best summer activities on the 800m long sandy lagoon – Sakarun beach. Apart from that, you will visit Veli Rat, filled with stunning bays and climb up the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea – Punta Bianca.

Veli Rat will amaze you with lush nature and pristine sea, as well as the gastronomy and restaurant, will breathtaking view.

On your solo trip to Dugi Otok, you will visit the Military tunnel Zagrače, listen to the local fables, and find out interesting facts about this breathtaking island. As the last stop on your day trip to Dugi Otok, you will get a chance to experience the island lifestyle in the charming fisherman village of Božava.

people swimming in veli žal bay
Dugi Otok Boat Tour -Refresh Yourself on Veli Žal Beach

The best thing about the Dugi Otok boat tour is that everyone can go and have a great time! Dugi Otok Boat Tour is not very physically demanding, and your local crew will be there for you every step of the way. 

If you are wondering when is the best time to go on a solo trip to Dugi Otok, the answer is from May to October. This diverse island has a high amount of sunny hours and it is insanely beautiful, which means any day is a good day to go on the Dugi Otok boat tour.

Our team of local experts will make sure you are enjoying your solo adventure on the Dugi Otok boat tour to the fullest. You will have a great time exploring the island, seeing the best spots, and trying out the best summer activities. 

Solo trip to Silba & Olib Islands – Enjoy Sandy  Island Oasis

Imagine the turquoise bays of Silba island inviting you to take a dip on a hot summer day, far away from brimming summer crowds on a remarkably beautiful island, completely liberated from cars.

On your solo trip to Silba island, you will get a chance to relax in a peaceful ambience, listen to the fascinating island fables, snorkel with sunken sarcophagi, soak up the sun in crystalline bays, visit the open-air art gallery and climb up the tower of love. 

Apart from that you will learn why Silba Island is known as the island of the captains and recharge your batteries in this magical place.

As mentioned before Silba Island is remote, and that makes it an ideal destination to escape summer crowds at the peak of the summer season. 

speedboat in the middle of silba island bay
A solo boat trip in Zadar means travellers get to experience the hidden side of popular tourist destinations

What makes Silba island different,  is the fact that it is completely car-free, which gives this lovely island a unique ambience.

Your local guide will tell you all about the fables of Silba island. You will find out why Silba is known as the island of the captains, how those captains liberated the island, discover why there are sarcophagi in Pocukmarak bay, and even get a chance to snorkel with them.

You will enjoy the remarkably beautiful sandy lagoons of the “Adriatic King of sandy beaches” on your solo travel to Olib Island. White sand & turquoise shallow waters will mesmerise you instantly.

Silba & Olib boat tour is easygoing and relaxing which means that anyone can go and have a great time!  If you are wondering when is the best time to go on a solo trip to Silba & Olib, the answer is from June to September. Your local crew will make sure you are enjoying your solo adventure on the Silba & Olib boat tour. 

Explore the Unspoiled nature on Kornati & Telašćica 

Explore the nautical paradise filled with unspoiled nature on your solo boat trip in Zadar, so head to Kornati islands and recharge your batteries in stunning nature, witness scenic views swim in the crystal-clear sea, and enjoy new and exciting summer activities. 

When on a solo boat trip in Zadar, you should not miss the Kornati & Telaščica Boat trip – it would be a shame not to experience this vivid marine world and scenic panoramic vistas from the island hilltops. 

Since Kornati National Park & Telaščica Nature Park are protected areas, you will get to experience untouched nature and meet the wonderful marine world brimming with life.

Kornati National Park is one of Croatia`s greatest natural treasures, and for good reason

Your solo boat trip in Zadar will pay off as soon as you see stunning Nature Park Tealščica which is home to majestic 100+ meters tall cliffs, which are hidden by the dense pine trees,  just a brief hike away from your speedboat.

Moreover, you will get a chance to see the Salt Lake on top of the island – Lake Mir, where you can refresh yourself with a swim in the waters with healing properties.

On your solo trip to the Kornati islands, you will be able to visit a movie set from the 50s Hollywood blockbuster film – “As the Sea Rages”.

Why go on the Solo Boat trip with Zadar Archipelago?

Our team of local experts have carefully designed every tour in a way our guests can see more, experience more, and avoid the summer crowds.

That way you can relax and enjoy the best summer activities, in the gorgeous spots without brimming crowds and rush hours. Your holiday photos won’t be photobombed and you will have time to have fun carefree on stunning island locations.

You will explore the most beautiful archipelago in the best way possible – with a speedboat. Besides, you will be on a fully-guided boat tour and your local crew will be there for you every step of the way.

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