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Practical advices for a Speedboat Tour in Zadar

calendar iconJan 24, 2023

When you book a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago as your tour operator, you are signing up for an experience of a lifetime. This includes getting to know the customs and natural wonders of the many islands in the Zadar region, like Dugi Otok or Pašman islands, as well as discovering hidden secrets of the archipelago.

You can book a single seat on the speedboat or organise your friends and family for a spectacular speedboat tour in Zadar, a unique experience that will surely be the highlight of your vacation in Croatia.

Despite the impending unique experience, there are some things you should know before starting your awesome journey.

Here’s our list of practical advice for a speedboat tour in Zadar.

Know your route and the time needed for the journey

Always read up on our site about the duration of each tour; depending on the weather and the waves, the ride could get a little bumpy, so it is best to prepare beforehand.

If there are seniors or toddlers in the tour group, always know what you can expect from the transit, before committing to it. If you are planning a night out later on the same day, but the boat tour takes the entire day to complete, you may want to reconsider either taking a half-day tour or postponing your plans for the evening.

Also, some guests are very surprised when it takes longer than 15 minutes to reach a particular destination, so to avoid any unpleasantries, always ask your tour guide how long the transit lasts.

Pack according to the weather and temperature

Croatia is known to be a fairly warm country, particularly during the peak of the summer season. Regardless, if you are planning on spending a day on a speedboat tour in Zadar, there are some things you should bring along on the tour, to make life easier.

First and foremost, sunscreen is a must, because being exposed to constant sunlight during transit is very strenuous for human skin. Add to this the fact that any incoming sunshine bounces off the surface of the sea, creating a double effect, and you have a sure reason why every guest on Zadar Archipelago’s tour should carry sunscreen. Luckily, we provide free sunscreen on each speedboat tour in Zadar.

Jackets may seem like overkill, particularly when you are starting your journey, but the return journey could be another story entirely, especially with the sun setting and the wind picking up. Since the speedboat will have a constant speed, which will add to the wind factor and the plummeting temperatures, it is a good idea to bring a light jacket or any other long-sleeved clothes.

Caps and sunglasses are also good ideas, particularly if an individual does not have a full set of hair to protect them from sunlight. Sunglasses will help guests scout the horizon and look for interesting and peculiar things along the way, while caps will add to the sun protection factor.

You can also pack a picnic for yourself and your friends and family and kindly ask the tour guide to stash it into the storage compartment of the speedboat.

family on a speedboat tour in zadar

Charge your phone, if you are planning on taking pictures

Most likely, there will be no power adapters where are you going, but can always bring your charger and ask the tour guide for any available power outputs at your destined location; you could also bring an extra power bank for your phone.

If you are carrying a professional camera, ask your tour guide to take good care of it and to stow it in the storage compartment, because taking pictures during a speedboat ride is a sure way to risk damaging any digital equipment.

An excellent surrogate to a camera is bringing binoculars, which are very useful when trying to grasp your surrounding area, looking at the cruising direction of the speedboat or just simply enjoying the pristine nature of the greater Zadar Archipelago area.

No need to bring snorkeling gear

Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours operate only the most modern speedboats. Depending on the type of speedboat, the tour guide will be able to provide guests with complimentary food and drink, or perfectly chilled champagne and sweets. But, all of Zadar Archipelago’s speedboats are also equipped with complimentary snorkeling gear.

Why is snorkeling gear such a crucial part of a tour? Because it is the best way to experience all the wonders of the Croatian seabed. Since every Zadar Archipelago tour tries to convey the best locations near Zadar, a big part of that experience is witnessing all the hidden treasures of the sea floor, including fish schools, crabs, clams, starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, abalone shells and many more.

If you are planning a family speedboat tour in Zadar, your kids will especially enjoy snorkelling in prime locations across the Zadar Archipelago area.

two people snorkeling in zadar archipelago
Zadar Archipelago Crew will take you to the best Snorkeling Locations

Bring your wallet

If you will want to buy something at the location, other than the food and drink provided by Zadar Archipelago on every trip, you will want to bring your wallet, so you could potentially enjoy a shore-side cocktail in a beautiful location or a burger on the beach.

Many of the locations you will visit with Zadar Archipelago will have beach bars and lounge bars near the beach, with refreshing drinks and sometimes, a bite to eat.

Since the fee of your tour does not include food and drink at these locations, it would be a smart idea to bring your wallet (preferably with cash, because most of these establishments accept cash only.

Speedboat tour in Zadar – our best advice

Enjoy a 5-star tour of the greater Zadar maritime region with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours, the safest, most secure and most reliable company for naval transportation and day tours. Thanks to our local guides, our guests will enjoy incredible scenic routes, while our local know-how allows for unique insights and experiences.

During a tour, guests will have at their disposal high-quality snacks and beverages, while waiting to be transported to the top selection of best locations in the Zadar region.

Experienced tour guides will create a bespoke environment, which will always be something different from what you can experience on land-based day tours or with a tour boat that is not a speedboat.

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