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Speedboat tour vs. land-based tour

calendar iconJan 31, 2023

When you come to Croatia, you will undoubtedly want to explore every part of this beautiful country. Besides a speedboat tour, one of the ways to experience its natural wonders is to undertake a land-based tour of the mainland, stopping in each major coastal settlement and experiencing Croatian life during the summer season.

There are tons of incredible locations to visit, located on the mainland: the towns of Split, Šibenik, Zadar, Pula and Dubrovnik and beautiful attractions such as Krka National Park, Sjeverni Velebit National Park and Učka Nature Park, as well as the hinterlands of the Istrian peninsula.

But, despite all of these locations being freely accessible from the mainland, the majority of Croatian top spots can ONLY be found on Croatia’s islands.

And here lies the problem, because a real traveller would never pass on an opportunity to experience something that is out of bounds. So, only a practical problem remains – how would a traveller have access to the vast expanses and riches of the Croatian Adriatic sea?

The answer is simple – by booking a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago and experiencing a plethora of beautiful locations, in half the time it would take a land-based tour to do the same.

Here are the main benefits of choosing a speedboat tour over a land-based tour:

A speedboat has greater mobility than a bus or a car

Speedboats are more mobile and flexible than cars, buses or bikes. It is true that every side has its positive and negative aspects, but when you consider the number of locations you can cover with a speedboat, particularly near the coast, the odds fall greatly in favour of the speedboat.

Lolivul 9 speedboat Lolivul fleet social

This pretends particularly when it comes to visiting islands; there are ferries in the Adriatic, and these have a good traffic schedule, but these also connect only the biggest islands, with the smaller or more remote islands depending entirely on guests having to come by boat.

So, to have complete mastery of the Croatian Adriatic, one must come by speedboat, own a speedboat or book a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago.


Because smaller groups on speedboat tours lead to a more individualistic approach to guests, customer satisfaction is guaranteed by a full-service boat experience.

During the tour, if you have a suggestion about a certain area you would like to visit, talk to your Zadar Archipelago tour operator beforehand and we will organise a special private tour for you and your group.

Nothing is too complicated, to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of the guests, and this is where our „more-in-less“ policy comes into place.

Clients will be able to:

You can customize a speedboat tour

A speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago can be arranged to fit as many as 12 clients per tour, but smaller groups can also be arranged. In contrast, a land-based tour is often done by busses, where you do not have the power to pick your companions, nor do you have a say in where you would like to stop, or what beach you would like to explore.

A pair of Lolivul speedboats seen from a bird`s eye perspective
As above, so below: the Lolivul 9 speedboat looks great from every angle.

On the other hand, a speedboat tour offers access to private locations, that are out of the way of mainstream tourist paths, meaning you will enjoy private beaches, beautiful coves and secluded bays. Savour the beauty of the Croatian Adriatic sea in total privacy and experience a different type of holiday with Zadar Archipelago.

Expert local guides create bespoke experiences

We know the local sites and attractions, which makes Zadar Archipelago the best choice if you want to experience the unknown side of the Croatian Adriatic. We also try to connect our guests with authentic and unique experiences that will enable them to become „a local for a day”.

practical advices for a speedboat tour near zadar

This is done thanks to the expertise of the crew, which is the result of their hard work, dedication and experience throughout countless seasons, which hardened their minds and trained their bodies to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Zadar Archipelago has proven itself time and time again in a dynamic and volatile market like the Croatian summer season.

A speedboat tour offers a broad array of services

Zadar Archipelago offers several different ways of experiencing a speedboat tour. There are half-day tours, which usually last from 4-6 hours, with different starting times. The full-day speedboat tour starts from the Zadar docks in the morning and ends just in time for dinner. We also offer transfers, from point A to point B, as well as bareboat rentals.

Lastly, we can also organise speedboat M.I.C.E. (which stands for meetings, incentives, conferences, events). In practice, this covers gatherings like teambuilding, event management and logistics.

Why choose a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago over a land-based tour?

Our competitors on land cannot possibly offer the same number of experiences and locations in a single day; we are number one in this regard

Our boats are top-of-the-line, the best and newest, undergoing weekly maintenance during the summer season, and a detail refit every winter, which keeps our fleet in immaculate working condition.


Land-based tours have fewer freedoms, and their mobility is severely restricted to roads. This can sometimes be a problem, particularly in the summer season when the roads get more traffic than usual, which can lead to traffic jams. Cruising on the crystal-clear Croatian Adriatic sea does not cause the same problems, in fact.

Our guides are locals and know the Zadar Archipelago region like the palm of their hand, which is one of the main reasons they can provide such a bespoke service to our clients.

Accessibility is far greater if you decide on a boat tour instead of a mainland-based tour, because you will have access to so much more than is possible on the mainland.

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