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3 Reasons why Choose a Speedboat tour over a Larger Boat Trip

calendar iconAug 10, 2022

On a private speedboat tour, your tour guides can pay more attention to the individual needs of the guests and not treat the group as a homogenous body. You will see more and experience more because there will be fewer people in your group, therefore providing you with more opportunities.

Smaller groups also mean less time will be spent on transit, meaning you could potentially see 7 spots of interest on a speedboat tour, instead of 3 on a larger boat tour. Larger boats are slower, thereby wasting valuable time on transit. After a tour on a larger boat, 1/3 of the tour time is actually spent on transit, anchoring, berthing, and similar time-consuming maritime activities, while a speedboat tour does not suffer any of these side effects.

When there are more people in a group, less attention can be given to all individual needs, which impacts the overall experience of the tour.

These are the main reasons why you should choose a speedboat tour over a larger boat trip:

More attention is given to individuals

Smaller boats cater to private crowds, so you are less likely to find yourself in a group filled with certain individuals that you do not fancy. Bad group paring can sometimes ruin an otherwise perfect tour, because your attention is constantly being directed towards a certain person. Luckily, if you book a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago, we will take extra care to always create a group filled with synergy, and where you are more likely to enjoy the company of your fellow humans.

Smaller groups are also more intimate, meaning you will always get to choose whether you want to be left alone with your special someone or join in on the fun and create memories together with your tour party.

couple on a private speedboat tour
Ultimate privacy on a speedboat tour in Zadar


A speedboat tour allows for a greater accumulation of experiences

A speedboat tour is just that – a speed-tour, meaning you will see more locations, observe more historic architecture, witness more natural beauties and live through more unforgettable experiences. During the time it takes a regular boat to prepare for cruising, by tackling the lines and hoisting anchor, a speedboat is already underway, half-way to your first destination.

A speedboat tour is more practical and versatile, allowing guests to pick the route or the destination

Also, a speedboat always has an option of slowing down and letting the guests experience the great beauty of the Croatian Adriatic sea, but a regular larger boat does not have the ability to speed up, past its regular speed.

If you compare an entire day of tours on a speedboat vs. a larger boat, the final tally will be that the guests on the speedboat tour have seen 7 local points of interest, while the regular boat tour managed only 3 points.

Larger boats are forbidden in the most beautiful locations

Yes, you read it correctly. The most coveted and beautiful locations, like the Kornati National Park, Saharun beach, Sali port on Dugi Otok island and Veli Rat beach expressly forbid larger boats from accessing the vicinity, because larger vessels disrupt the seabed with their massive anchors.

lady diving below 2 lolivul speedboats
Speedboats have the capability of accessing very shallow waters, unlike larger boats

They also pollute more and create more noise, all of which are seen as negative factors in some of the most coveted tourist destinations in Croatia. All of this means that on a bigger boat tour, you will be missing out on some of the most beautiful locations BY DEFAULT.

On the other hand, speedboats can access any location – they are light, fast and do not disturb the environment or other guests with anchoring or disembarking. Also, larger boats tend to group near a dock, creating traffic jams and logistical nightmares, while a speedboat can anchor anywhere and cast off from anywhere, making it much more desirable.

Why choose a speedboat tour over a larger boat tour with Zadar Archipelago?

Smaller groups are more intimate, creating a family-like atmosphere, where you learn the names of your co-travellers, play sports, eat together and develop friendships that could potentially last beyond the duration of your tour. We had many guests that stayed in touch years after they were introduced in one of Zadar Archipelago’s tours. This all happened during one of our tours, so book your today.

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