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Spend Your Spring Break on a Boat Excursion in Zadar

calendar iconApr 12, 2022

Warm Spring sun, ideal temperatures, crystal-clear sea and unspoiled nature without any crowds are what make the Spring Break Boat excursion in Zadar so unique. You will get a chance to visit mesmerising island destinations, conquer panoramic vistas, and enjoy untouched nature in serene settings, without any crowds.

You can enjoy carefreely and explore the best spots on Zadar islands, known only to the local experts, and visit the places off the beaten path on your spring break in Croatia.

happy people on island ugljan molat and ugljan boat tour
Enjoy a Scenic hikes

Why should you go on a Private Spring Break Boat Excursion?

Spring is ideal for exploring the blooming nature without crowds, especially on islands, where you can enjoy numerous natural phenomena, visit charming Mediterranean villages, hike under the shade of pine trees, conquer outstanding panoramic vistas from the island lookouts, and relax in pristine bays.

Opt in for a private spring break boat excursion in Zadar you will have 200+ islands in the palm of your hand. You will have countless spots at your disposal, an experienced skipper & local guide who will make sure you get pampered, and a luxurious private boat for you and your group.

Recharge your batteries in stunning locations, soak up the warm spring sun complemented with a gentle sea breeze filled with the scent of pine trees, sea salt, and aromatic herbs.

Visit the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic, or the smallest inhabited island, open swimming season and take a dip in sandy Sakarun beach, whatever you choose, a private Spring break boat excursion will be an awesome opportunity to have new exciting experiences in awe-inspiring locations and to create memories that will last a lifetime!

spring break boat excursion in Zadar
Enjoy in Private spring break boat excursion in Zadar

Explore the Kornati islands on your Spring Break in Zadar

Spring is an ideal time to reconnect with nature and enjoy breathtaking locations in privacy. If you are bold enough, you can opt-in for a swim in shallow sandy bays on Molat island, Ugljan and praised Sakarun beach.

If you are a nature lover, you will thrive on the Kornati & Telaščica Boat tour, where you will enjoy the unparalleled beauty of lush Nature park Telaščica, explore its pristine bays, hike up to fort Grpaščak and enjoy 360 panoramic vistas. You can also visit Salt Lake Mir whose waters have health benefits.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a scenic boat ride through the Kornati islands and witness countless unique islands, islets and reefs. You will visit private Island Mana, hike up and discover the longest cliff in the Kornati archipelago, complemented with mesmerising 360-degree vistas on the entire National Park Kornati.

That’s not all! You can visit the picturesque movie set on the Mana hilltop, which was set up in the 50ies for the Hollywood blockbuster “As the Sea Rages” and make stunning holiday photos. Furthermore, you will visit the “Heart of Kornati”, mesmerising Lojena lagoon where you can soak up the spring sun rays, or if you are bold enough take a dip in its crystal-clear sea.

Besides natural beauty, the Kornati islands have an outstanding gastronomical offer! Visit local restaurants and enjoy the fresh seafood brought straight from the sea to your plate, complemented with exquisite local wines.

Kornati islands Spring Break excursion is an ideal way to spend your day in the astonishing surroundings, enjoy exciting activities and get the most out of your day trip in Zadar, without summer crowds.

private bay in kornati islands
Visit the “Heart” of  Kornati Islands on a spring break in Zadar

Discover the Wonders of nature on Dugi Otok 

Dugi Otok is known as the Island of diversity and it is filled with unique sights. From unspoiled nature, countless secluded bays, stunning sandy lagoons, majestic cliffs & extraordinary snorkelling spots – this lush island has it all.

Although sea temperatures in spring can be chilly, if you are bold enough, the sea on shallow sandy bays such as Sakarun gets warm quite fast so there is a chance you can opt in for your first dip in 2022.

Dugi Otok’s spring break boat excursion can offer you much more than the sun and the sea. You can explore unique phenomena such as island cliffs, natural pool Dragons eye,Veli Rat, Dugi Otok cliffs, Nature Park Telaščica and much more.

Enjoy scenic strolls around atmospheric Mediterranean villages such as Božava and Sali and immerse yourself in the tranquil island lifestyle.

You can enjoy long hikes through lush vegetation, conquer the panoramic vistas from the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic, soak up the sun in sandy lagoons and rejuvenate in secluded bays in the privacy of your boat.

Don’t miss out on the gastronomical offer of the island, treat your taste buds with locally grown food and fresh seafood prepared with local herbs and spices. Explore all the wonders of your Spring Break Boat excursion in Zadar and get the most of your day trip.

spring break boat excursion in zadar dugi otok
Explore the Best Spots on Dugi Otok

Enjoy an active day trip  on a Private Boat tour to Ugljan Island

Nearby islands of the Zadar archipelago often get overlooked in search of more secluded or remote island destinations, but Ugljan island can offer you everything you need, especially if you have a speedboat at your disposal.

Explore numerous gorgeous secluded bays, soak up the sun on sandy beaches and enjoy the “Green garden” of Zadar – Ugljan island.

This lush island is known for its dense vegetation and over 200.000 olive grooves. Here you can combine sightseeing and hiking into one amusing activity. On your hiking adventures, you will discover fascinating lookout spots and you can conquer the St.Michaels fortress from where you can enjoy scenic vistas on the Zadar archipelago, coastline and Mt.Velebit.

With a speedboat excursion in Zadar, you can explore Ugljan and the nearby islands such as Molat, Ugljan, Rivanj, Sestrunj, Ošljak, and explore the smallest inhabited island of Galevac in a blink of an eye. The main advantage of having a boat at your disposal is mobility and scenic rides to secluded places accessible only by the boat.

spring break boat excursion in Zadar ugljan island sutomiščica
Play football on the most beautiful Football field in the World – Photo by @olive_island_marina

Moreover, Ugljan has lovely Mediterranean villages filled with rich traditions, a unique ambience and all the amenities of the modern age. You can relax and enjoy local food, experience the island lifestyle and recharge your batteries in these charming places such as Preko, Kali, Kukljica, Ugljan, Lukoran, Ošljak and Sutomiščica.

Yet another great thing is the cycling paths on Ugljan island, which will allow you to enjoy some of the most beautiful cycling paths in Europe. Ugljan is connected with Pašman Island by a bridge which means you can explore 2 islands on your cycling adventure. Or simply enjoy the scenic boat ride.

Ugljan island is perfect for a spring break boat excursion in Zadar, and an ideal place to enjoy warm spring weather in unspoiled nature in unique settings

people happy celebrating on a spring boat excursion in Zadar
Celebrate your Spring Break in Croatia with Style

Why go on a Spring break boat excursion in Zadar?

Celebrate your special occasions in scenic locations in a unique way and opt-in for a spring break in Zadar! Enjoy in the complete privacy of your luxurious boat and visit the best island spots, while you celebrate your special day.

No matter is it a birthday, anniversary, or perhaps team building, a private boat excursion in Zadar is definitely a great way to make unique memories and bond on otherworldly locations.

Your local crew will be at your disposal and make sure you visit the most stunning locations known only to the local experts, where you can enjoy your spring break in Zadar to the fullest.

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