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Sunken Ship Snorkeling in Zadar Archipelago

calendar iconJun 09, 2022

Explore the vivid underwater world, swim with curious wild fish & enjoy sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar archipelago. Experience a unique feeling of serenity under the sea surface on your next boat adventure.

Make the most out of your boat adventure, and visit the best spots known only to the local experts!

sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar
Explore majestic shipwrecks

Why you should go on sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar?

You will get a chance to explore the underwater world, learn about the stories behind these magnificent shipwrecks and meet the fascinating marine species.

You will enjoy a unique experience underneath the sea surface and relax in serenity on the crystal-clear Adriatic sea.

Moreover, these shipwrecks are the natural habitat of numerous fish, corals, shells and crabs, which makes them an interesting snorkelling spot. Don’t forget to capture some one-of-a-kind holiday photos with a Go-pro.

Explore Sunken Ship Michelle at Veli Rat

Immerse yourself in a unique underwater adventure and visit one of the most famous snorkeling spots on Dugi Otok, the Shipwreck of the Italian commercial ship Michelle. What makes this sunken ship special is her location and her mysterious story.

On 11th June 1983, the 76m long ship got stranded on a sandy seabed on the northern cape of Dugi Otok. It is partially submerged and therefore easy to observe and find even while snorkeling.

One legend has it that Michelle got stranded in a massive storm, leaving her stranded near Veli Rat forever, but luckily there were no casualties. Another legend claims the captain sank the ship to collect insurance funds. The truth may never be known.

Michelle got stranded in the shallows, and part of her is still visible above the sea surface, which means this shipwreck is easily accessible. You can enjoy sunken ship snorkelling in the Zadar archipelago, surrounded by wild fish, corals and a variety of marine species on the Dugi Otok Boat tour or Zadar to Sakarun boat tour.

sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar
Opt-in for a unique underwater experience

Discover the shipwreck of Ledenik near Sestrunj island

Sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar archipelago is an exciting and unforgettable experience for everyone in search of unique holiday activity. This easy, fun and unique adventure will be the highlight of your trip.

Near Sestrunj island you will discover a relatively young wreck of a cargo ship, which sank at the beginning of the 21st century.

The ship was used for transporting fish to Croatian ports. Most likely, the ship sank as a result of overloading the cargo, but some sources believe insurance money played a role in the wreck.

In the surroundings of the wreck, you will discover a lot of equipment and accessories such as computers, and dishes. Access to this diving site is only possible by boat. A wreck of 25m long Ledenik is in very good condition, situated on a port, and can be explored to a great extent.

This place is suitable for Sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar for advanced divers owing to its considerable depth, although due to great visibility you can easily see the sunken ship from the surface and snorkel above.

sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar ledenik
Explore Ledenik shipwreck

Double snorkeling adventure in Lučice bay

In Lučice bay, not far from Veli Rat on Dugi Otok, you will get a chance to explore the sunken ship from the Second World War named Etna, which was transporting flour. There was a famine on the island at that time, so the islanders took a chance to get flour from the sinking ship, which would have perished under the sea anyway.

There are also mentions of the remains of a Greek ship which the locals named Grego, made of iron and full of wild fish who love to spawn in wrecks.

This bay is ideal for Sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar, it has two shipwrecks lying next to each other, brimming with marine life and wild fish.

sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar lučice etna
Opt-in for a double snorkeling adventure

Why choose us for sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar?

Zadar Archipelago has half-day and full-day tours stopping at the sunken ships, which will give you a chance to explore these majestic spots, and enjoy stunning island lagoons afterwards.

You can opt-in for this unique underwater adventure every day on our group tours, or spend some quality time diving at these sites on a private boat tour.

Our local crew will tell you the legends and local fables behind these shipwrecks and tell you all the tips and tricks for unforgettable sunken ship snorkeling in Zadar archipelago.

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