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Team building in Zadar?

calendar iconJul 06, 2022

Team building refers to activities that employees outside the company do to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as motivate employees. Team building in Zadar has the primary purpose of improving employee cooperation, fostering trust among them, and promoting communication while visiting stunning island destinations on a thrilling boat tour.

team building in zadar hike on ugljan island
Enjoy in scenic Hike on Team building in Zadar

Opt-in for a Boat Tour on your team building in Zadar

The objective of team building in Zadar is to build employees’ skills, instil teamwork, and strengthen communication within the company, increasing productivity and satisfaction. Furthermore, all team members will be able to enjoy in unique, tailor-made boat tour adventure, recharge batteries in unspoiled nature and enjoy in best summer activities on the breathtaking island destinations.

To achieve these objectives, Zadar Archipelago boat tours help companies to organize various team-building tours filled with fun activities, where everyone can have fun, get to know one another, relax and jointly solve problems and obstacles that do not concern everyday tasks.

Our Boat tours can be customised according to your company’s preferences, which guarantees high-quality team building in Zadar. You will enjoy a fully-guided boat tour in small groups of up to 12 to 14 people per boat, and an individual approach.

Your employees will learn basic navigational & boating skills as well as fascinating local insights from our local crew. Moreover, everyone will be able to recharge batteries on stunning island locations, explore fascinating landmarks, enjoy in best summer activities and work on teamwork while having fun on an exciting boat trip in Zadar.

team building in Zadar dalmatian donkey
Enjoy in Unique island Lifestyle

Half-day boat tours for a quick team-building experience

Some companies prefer to organise various activities for team building, and if you have already planned activities but you want to fit a boat tour in Zadar into your schedule, our half-day bout tours to nearby islands are ideal.

On your half-day teambuilding in Zadar, you will enjoy scenic speedboat rides, and experience unique summer activities such as snorkelling around the sunken ships, cliff jumping, hiking or sightseeing around picturesque Mediterranean villages.

Moreover, you will visit some of the most beautiful beaches and lagoons in the Zadar archipelago and be able to refresh yourself in the crystal-clear sea or enjoy beach sports with your team.

You can choose between a morning boat tour and kick-off team building in Zadar with style, or join for an afternoon boat tour and spend the unforgettable afternoon on gorgeous island spots.


Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat tour

Molat & Ugljan Boat tour

Kornati Islands Boat tour

WHEN TO GO: May – November

team building in Zadar sakarun beach
Enjoy Stunning private bays

Full-day boat tours for an unforgettable team-building adventure

Opt-in for a fun-filled team building in Zadar and enjoy exciting full-day boat tours in the Zadar archipelago. Visit stunning island locations, hike up and conquer 360-degree vistas, explore the sea cave, cliff jump, snorkel around shipwrecks or sunken sarchopagi, enjoy awe-inspiring beaches, and experience unique island lifestyle & try out local gastronomy.

On your full-day team building in Zadar, you will enjoy ultimate boat adventure, scenic speedboat rides, unforgettable experiences & unique summer activities such as cliff jumping, sea cave exploring, snorkelling around the sunken ships, and hiking or sightseeing around picturesque Mediterranean villages.

You can choose the boat tour suitable to your preferences, and enjoy in fully guided experience with the local crew while you hone your teamwork skills.


Dugi Otok Boat tour – Ultimate Boat Adventure

Silba & Olib Boat tour -#1 Sandy beaches

Kornati islands & Telaščica Boat tour 

WHEN TO GO: May – November

veli rat boat tour
Visit Stunning Island destinations

Fun Team Building Boat Tour Activities 

Team building in Zadar is an ideal way to strengthen internal communication, and problem-solving skills and level up your teamwork in a fun way.

You can enjoy unspoiled nature and relaxing hike in stunning Nature Park Telaščica, visit fort Grpaščak and learn more about this wondrous place. Make sure to stop at 100+ high Telaščica cliffs to conquer majestic panoramic vistas, and visit fascinating Salt Lake Mir with healing properties.

Yet another great hiking spot is in National Park Kornati islands, on the private island Mana. There you will be able to enjoy scenic hilltop vistas, and visit a picturesque film set from the 1950-is Hollywood blockbuster “As the Sea Rages”. Bold team members can try out cliff jumping from Mana cliffs, known as the longest cliffs in the entire Kornati archipelago. You can also refresh yourself in the crystal-clear private bays of Mana island after your scenic hike.

Nature park Telaščica aerial
Enjoy in Unspoiled Nature

Another superb team building activity is snorkelling around the Zadar archipelago and exploring its vivid marine world. With Zadar archipelago boat tours you can visit some of the best snorkelling spots such as sunken ships of Dugi Otok, unspoiled marine flora & fauna in Telaščica & Kornati islands, Sea cave Golubinka, Sunken Sarchopagi on Silba, the shipwreck of Ledenik near Sestrunj island and many more. Your local crew will take you to the best snorkelling and diving spots on your route.

Furthermore, you can enjoy gorgeous beaches on islands and opt-in for beach sports such as Picigin, beach football & volleyball, have a competition in sandcastle building or simply hold a swimming competition during your team building in Zadar.

We can organise basic sailing training for team members with our professional skippers, where you will learn about boating, navigation and safety on the boat, as well as the fun exercises in stunning locations according to your preferences.

beach volleyball
Enjoy fun beach sports – Photo by @zadar_region

There are numerous fun-filled activities that you and your colleagues can enjoy on your boat tour team building in Zadar. Your local crew will make sure you make the most of your thrilling boat trip in the Zadar archipelago.

Why choose Zadar Archipelago Boat Tours for Team building in Zadar?

If your congress, incentive trip, or corporate event is taking place in Zadar, Croatia, you may want to consider using one of our boats. On top of that, you get to enjoy thrilling speedboat tours.

You can also enjoy sandy lagoons, snorkel at amazing spots, and check out the remote island locations that only locals know about.

We offer private tours on speedboats with a maximum of 14 people per boat. The company has 10 boats available for large groups to enjoy a relaxing day trip on the sea accompanied by an itinerary tailored to your preferences, as well as fun team-building activities.

Check out our boat tour descriptions for more information about our itineraries. Or, you can choose your destination in the Zadar archipelago; please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you determine the most suitable option.

The Zadar area also offers a lot of other options for team building, like land-based adventures, gastro and wine tours, or corporate yacht charters.

from 94 €

National Park Kornati Islands Boat Tour

from 86 €

Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat Tour & Shipwreck

from 80 €

Molat & Ugljan Boat Tour: Best Zadar Islands

from 140 €

Kornati Islands & Telašćica Boat Tour

from 132 €

Dugi Otok Boat Tour: Ultimate Boat Adventure

from 126 €

Silba, Olib & Ist Boat Tour 3 Islands & 6 Unique Spots

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