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11 Things to do in Zadar when it rains

calendar iconJun 17, 2020

When in Zadar, one simply does not need the sun to have fun! There are countless possibilities and things to do in Zadar when it rains.

things to do in Zadar when it rains aerial view of zadar
Zadar under the clouds -Photo by: @filip_brala

Although summer rain is the perfect way to cool off from the hot summer days, nobody likes rain when on holiday, but don’t worry Zadar has a lot to offer – even on a moody rainy day.

Here are our suggestions, how to spend fulfilled day even without the sun:

Hit the museums and discover another side of Zadar

things to do in Zadar when it rains Zadar Forum St Donatus
Discover another side of Zadar- Photo by: @likezadar

Unravel the history in Archeological Museum in Zadar

Take a stroll around the Old Town Zadar, and walk on the same ground mighty Roman legions once built,  and you will already be in the open-air museum, filled with 3000-year-old heritage.

Once you get to Roman Forum, there you will find the Archaeological Museum in Zadar, founded in 1832, which makes it the 2nd oldest museum in the country, apart from that it holds more than 100 000 artefacts.

Here you can discover more about the history of Zadar, and see the significant part of the town’s heritage. On the ground floor, you will get familiar with the artefacts from the 7-15th century, related to the history of Croats.

things to do in Zadar when it rains statues in archaeological museum
Unravel the history in Archaeological museum in Zadar- photo by: @arheoloskimuzejzadar

On the first floor, you will see the exhibit from the Roman times and the Metal ages (Iron and Bronzed age). Apart from that, on the second floor, you will see the remains and findings dating to the Stone Age (10.000 B.C.)

In this museum, you can find handmade souvenirs, and get tiny replicas of the artefacts.

You won’t believe your eyes at the Museum of Illusions!

Visit the newest museum in Zadar – the Museum of Illusions. This unique place will be a fun activity on a rainy day, especially for the kids.

Opt-in for an optical treat and enjoy a fun-filled family day filled with amazing exhibitions that will change your perspective and play fun tricks with your mind and senses.

things to do in Zadar when it rains Museum of Illusions
Trick your senses in Museum of Illusions in Zadar -Photo by: @muzejiluzija

Discover a place where nothing is as it seems and change your perspective on a dull rainy day in Zadar.

Join an interesting workshop in the Museum of Ancient Glass 

Visit the Museum of Ancient Glass, and enjoy the magnificent view from the city walls. Apart from the view, here you will be able to find more than 5000 artefacts from ancient times.

Moreover, you can join up in various workshops such as the glassblowing workshop, where you can ake your replicas of ancient glass using the free-blowing technique. Or make glass jewellery with a torch, with the help of professional guidance, or simply enjoy making souvenirs with the simple fusing technique.

things to do in zadar when it rains Museum of antique glass Zadar
Workshops in the Museum of antique glass Zadar- Photo by: @muzerjantickogstakla

Spend your day Shopping in Supernova Zadar Mall

Visit the biggest indoor shopping centre in Zadar – Supernova, where you will find everything you need in one place. You can enjoy in clothing stores, tech stores, and the kids can play in the Kids corner carefree.

If you get tired of wandering around the stores, you can relax in the bar, or grab a bite in the mall’s restaurants. You can even get a new haircut, manicure or beauty treatment in one of the beauty saloons.

things to do in zadar when it rains shopping in supernova zadar
Enjoy shopping in Supernova Zadar- Photo by: @supernova_hrvatska

Solve a mystery in the Escape Room

Escape Rooms are the perfect place for a thrilling group experience. Gather your friends, or family and solve the mysteries like the Scooby-Doo squad.

Your game master will give you clues and hints before your game starts, after that, you will rely on the teamwork and witts of your team to exit the escape room in a specific time frame – usually 60 minutes.

We suggest Escape room ClueGO, where you can choose between two different rooms. In the first one, you will solve the mystery of the Dark fairy Morana, which tells the tale about forbidden love.

things to do in zadar when it rains Escaperoom Zadar
Solve mysteries in Escape room – Photo by: @escaperoomzadar

In the second escape room called Anno1202 where you will have to solve mysteries from the Crusaders’ siege of Zadar.  All the games are suitable for adults and children, which makes them ideal family activity for the rainy day in Zadar.

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and Crack mysteries, find clues, and solve various riddles before time is up.

Taste local products on Wine tours

Zadar region is home to some of the finest fines in Croatia, and you can visit a few wineries just a short car ride from the city.  Spend a dull rainy day tasting delicious local wines of great quality and enjoy them to the fullest. Here are our suggestions of the wineries nearby that won’t leave you feeling indifferent:

Kraljevski vinogradi ( The Royal Vineyards)

This particular winery is known for its beautiful scenery, and it is located only 12 km from Zadar. Here you can enjoy stunning views, cosy indoor decor, and a spectacular wine cellar. Apart from that this winery has a winemaking tradition that dates back to 1066.

You can try red, white or rose wine, made by traditional recipes and discover more about the process of winemaking as well as the history of the Kraljevski Vinogradi winery.

things to do in zadar when it rains Traditional wines in Kraljevski Vinogradi Zadar
Savour the taste of traditional wines in Kraljevski vinogradi – Photo by: @kraljevskivinogradi

Degarra Winery

Relatively new in the winemaking game, although id doesn’t have an impressive history as Kraljevski Vinogradi, Degarra winery is worth visiting.

This wineries motto is “New and Original” and it won’t leave you disappointed once you try their mouthwatering wines, and see their stylish tasting room. Apart from that grapes used in wine is locally grown in Zadars hinterlands known as Ravni Kotari.

Moreover, you can enjoy tasting other local products made in the Zadar region such as cheese, prosciutto, Ninski šokol and many more, complemented by the red, with or rose wines such as Cabernet, Plavin, Syrah, Merlot, and Maraština.

things to do in zadar when it rains Local wines and food in winery Degarra Zadar
Local delicacies and  food in winery Degarra Zadar- Photo by: @degarra_winery

Fiolić Winery

A short ride from Zadar city centre you will find Fioilć winery,  ideal for spending a rainy day in their carefully decorated and designed tasting room.

Here you can try out the high-quality local wines, liquors and other local delicacies. These liquors are made from unique cherry Maraška and dalmatian fig, using traditional methods and saltwater which gives them a unique flavour.

things to do in zadar when it rains Fiolić winery Zadar
Enjoy in local wines and liquors at winery Fiolić – Photo by: @vinailikerifiolic

Enjoy in the local gastronomy

Is there a better way to spend a rainy day than enjoy comfort food? Only in Zadar, comfort food can be delicious, healthy and complimented by the stunning decor and sea views.

Around Zadar, you will find various restaurants with delicious, fresh seafood, mouth-watering steaks and exquisite ambience. You can find out more about gastronomy in Zadar here:

Rest assured, food is one of the things you do not want to miss out on while on your holiday in Zadar.

things to do in zadar when it rains Local Gastronomy food in Zadar
Enjoy in local gastronomy – Photo by: @harbor_cookhouse_club_zadar

Lounge at the bars

Fight the moody rainy weather like locals do – grab your favourite drink in a bar and socialise with your friends.

Start your morning with coffee, and if the rain doesn’t stop by then – you can always drink something stronger to help you cope with the weather.

Try out local drinks such as Pelinkovac, Maraschino, Cherry Brandy, Višenjvača and many more. After a few shots rain won’t be an issue because after all you are on holiday and you can make most of it… Keep reading to see what we had in mind.

things to do in zadar when it rains lounge in a bar
Enjoy lounging in the bar on a rainy day- Photo by: @porat.zadar

Spend your rainy day swimming on a beach

It might rain but that isn’t a reason to miss out on a beach. Locals know the sea is warmer when it is raining and often, during the summer rains you will still see people swimming in the sea and enjoying.

Jump, splash and get wet – feel the freedom and joy at the same time swimming on a rainy day, and have a one-of-a-kind experience you do not want to miss out on.

things to do in zadar when it rains Experience pure joy swimming in the rain
Experience pure joy swimming in the rain: Photo by: @blissful_aesthetic

Take a boat tour to the islands

Even sea is grey and it is raining in Zadar, that doesn’t mean it is the same on the islands. Check the weather and sea forecast with local experts in Zadar Archipelago, and hop on a speedboat tour to the nearby islands.

Escape the rain and enjoy the sunny islands around Zadar on a thrilling boat trip. Due to its unique geographical position, the Zadar region has a unique microclimate that can come in handy on a rainy day, because in most cases, you will be able to find a part of the county where it doesn’t rain, especially on the islands.

things to do in zadar when it rains Zadar family boat trip sakarun
Explore the islands with Zadar Archipelago boat tours

Visit the library and relax with a good book

If you are a bookworm, you can always opt-in for a tranquil day in the library, where you can find a wide selection of books in many different languages.

Besides, the library often holds various book events, and workshops for both adults and children.

things to do in zadar when it rains reading a book in a library
Relax with a good book – Photo by: @gradskaknjiznicazadar

Enjoy a blockbuster on a big screen

Visit the City Galleria and Visit Cinestar Zadar, grab some nachos and popcorns and enjoy n blockbuster movies on a big screen. Is there a better way to spend a rainy day, besides enjoying a good movie, no matter if you are going alone or with your friends.

things to do in zadar when it rains Cinestar Cinemas Zadar
Enjoy in a movie on a big screen at CineStar – Photo by: @dennisdomian

Hint: Every Wednesday Cinestar has promotional movie ticket prices

Things to do in Zadar when it rains – visit the Zadar Theatre

If you want to see a live performance, or you have a passion for acting and a flair for drama, visit the Croatian National Theatre in  Zadar, which has a wide range of plays available in the summer months.

things to do in zadar when it rains Zadar Theatre
Concert at Zadar Theatre – Photo by: @koncertni_ured_zadar

Children and parents can enjoy ether plays in Zadar Puppet theatre, where the youngest will enjoy even on a rainy day

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