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10 Thrilling Activities on a Boat Tour From Zadar

calendar iconFeb 02, 2022

Wondering what you can do on your boat tour from Zadar? Possibilities are countless, just relax and enjoy the best summer activities in spectacular surroundings.

Your Zadar Archipelago crew will make sure you enjoy the best summer activities in stunning island locations.

Girl on a floatie with watermellon and a guy jumping from boat in the sea
Enjoy in best summer activities

Here is our quick guide about 10 fun things to do on a boat trip in Zadar Region:

Snorkel around the sunken ship on Dugi Otok boat tour

One of our favourite things to do on the Dugi Otok boat tour is snorkelling around the shipwreck that got stranded in 1983 carrying the cargo from Italy. This unique activity is an ideal way to start your morning, and create unforgettable memories.

On our boat tour “The Best of Dugi Otok” and “Sakarun Beach Escape” you can visit the impressive sunken ship, Michelle, elegantly protruding from the sea, which means she is partly visible from the surface. The wreck is stranded in the shallows near Veli Rat, which makes it an ideal snorkelling spot, even for beginners.

sunken shipwreck michelle boat tour from Zadar aerial
Snorkel around the sunken ship

Grab your snorkelling gear and explore the sunken cargo ship, today home to colourful schools of fish and vivid marine life. Your local guide will shed some light and tell you the story about Michelle on your boat tour from Zadar

Try out cliff jumping on your next boat tour from Zadar

If you are a thrill-seeker you will be delighted to hear, that our boat tour from Zadar will take you to the majestic island cliffs where you can opt-in for cliff jumping. Enjoy this exciting activity and make unforgettable memories and spectacular videos on your boat tour from Zadar.

girl Cliff jumping on a boat tour from Zadar
Cliff jump from the majestic locations

Bout tour “The best of Dugi Otok” is ideal for everyone who wants to try this unique activity, no matter the experience. Your local guide will inform you about safety and useful tips about cliff jumping and you can choose 3 different heights to try out cliff jumping near Golubinka Sea Cave.

Explore the majestic Golubinka Sea Cave

After the thrilling cliff jumping adventure, you can swim in the most exciting sea cave in the Adriatic – Golubinka sea cave.  Your local guide will swim in the cave with you and show you all of the highlights of this mesmerising place on your next boat tour from Zadar.

Inside of this long zig-zag cave, you will be teleported back in time and witness the might of a spacious cavern that looks like it is from the Jurassic era.

Take a moment and admire the colourful walls and sun rays protruding from the ceiling of the cavern, creating a breathtaking sight.

guy loungeing in golubinka sea cave
Relax in Golubinka sea cave

Apart from that, at the end of Golubinka, you will discover a shallow pebbly beach where you can explore the cave and take spectacular holiday photos. You can snorkel around and explore the underwater world brimming with colourful marine life.

Moreover, you will be amazed by the surreal sea colour on your way back from the Golubinka sea cave. You can opt-in for his unique activity on a full-day boat tour from Zadar – “The Best of Dugi Otok” or a half-day boat tour from Zadar – “Sakarun Beach Escape

Discover stunning panoramic vistas on your next boat trip from Zadar

Zadar archipelago is filled with breathtaking vistas, but a boat tour from Zadar will give you the opportunity to enjoy them from a completely different perspective.

You will enjoy wondrous views on majestic Velebit mountain, the city of Zadar, and dotted islands, you will discover a spectacular seascape filled with numerous islands, islets and reefs.

Apart from that, you will get a chance to hike up on island hilltops on Telaščica and Mana Island and witness the breathtaking 360 views on the Kornati Islands.

Girl in a hat on a cliff enjoying view on the sea and cliffs
Discover stunning panoramic vistas

Moreover, on your boat trip from Zadar, you can discover the scenic vistas on the Zadar archipelago from the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic on Veli Rat, or conquer the Tower of love on Silba Island and reward yourself with superb views.

Learn how to play the “Dalmatian unofficial sport” in sandy lagoons

Learn how to play a game of Picigin, known as the dalmatian unofficial sport and enjoy in fun-filled beach escape on your next boat tour from Zadar.

Your local crew will gladly show you how this, simple yet fun game is played and all you need is- a shallow sandy bay, a small ball and goodwill.

You will enjoy laughing, splashing and doing not so gratuitous jumps around the shallow sandy lagoons. Besides it is a great and fun way to stay fit, get tanned, and have fun on your boat tour from Zadar.

people in shallow turquoise bay on sakarun beach playing picigin on boat tour from zadar
Play a game of picigin on Sakarun beach

Our boat tour from Zadar will take you to the exceptional bays ideal for this fun activity. Here is a list of our favourites:

Conquer the tower of love on a day trip to Silba island

Discover the island full of lush vegetation, crystal-clear sea and unravel the fables of Silba island on your next boat tour from Zadar.

After a day filled with beach fun, your next treat will be the tower of love – Toretta. This charming tower got its nickname after a love story that lies behind it.

silba island toretta tower
Conquer the tower of love

Your local guide from the Zadar archipelago will make sure you get all the juicy details about the fascinating love story and discover panoramic vistas after you climb up the tower and conquer this spectacular landmark.

Enjoy an epic ride through a military tunnel 

Dugi Otok boat tour is full of surprises, and this activity is one of them. You will discover the military tunnel from WW2 on your day trip, and enjoy an epic ride through the military tunnel.

Your experienced skipper will make sure you enjoy a swift ride with a speedboat while your local guide helps you to get to know the tunnel and its origins.

boat tour to military tunnels
Enjoy an epic ride through the military tunnel

You will discover a place that used to be a slumber place for the large submarines, and today a safe harbour for sailors passing around the northern part of Dugi Otok.

Take a stroll around charming island villages on your boat tour from Zadar

On a day trip from Zadar, visiting island fisherman villages is a must-do thing. You will discover a peaceful ambience, relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

On our boat trip from Zadar, we will make sure you feel the island atmosphere and experience the islander’s way of life.

You can enjoy in charming cafes in Božava village on Dugi Otok Boat tour, get to know Sali village on the Kornati and Telaščica boat tour and if you are lucky experience Saljske užance in August – a unique island manifestation.

Apart from that, you can explore the lush  Silba village and learn local myths and legends on every corner, or grab lunch in the shade of the olive grooves.

Treat your taste buds with mouth-watering dishes in island restaurants

Since we mentioned food, yet another fantastic activity on a boat trip from Zadar is dining the exquisite fresh dishes in island restaurants with brilliant sea view.

These places have outstanding gastronomy, and a view to die for. You can try out a wide range of local dishes, Mediterranean cuisine and complement your meals with superb wines.

Silba island Leggiero restaurant and olive trees and well
Treat your taste buds under the shade of olive grooves

You will be amazed by the Veli Rat restaurants, treat all of your senses if you decide to try out the food in Silbaand enjoy spectacular dishes and top-notch service on Kornati islands.

Sail away into the sunset on your boat tour from Zadar

Zadar sunsets are world-famous and proclaimed to most beautiful sunsets in the world. You can easily top-up your sunset-watching experience with private front row seats in the middle of the channel, on a Magical Sunset boat tour from Zadar.

Magical champagne sunset boat trip moments people enjoying on a boat
Enjoy in front-row seats to the most beautiful sunset in the world

This boat trip is ideal for special occasions, romantic dates, and creating unique memories. You will enjoy a spectacular burst of colours while your professional skipper pampers you with finger food and champagne on the best sunset-watching spots in Zadar.

Why go on a boat trip from Zadar with us?

Zadar Archipelago Boat Tours are more than a simple boat tour agency, we are local experts set to deliver our guests unique experiences, top-notch service and provide them with a palette of spectacular and one-of-a-kind activities in order to become a highlight of your Croatian vacation.

people joyful and happy smiling on a boat tour from Zadar
Enjoy a fun-filled boat tour from Zadar

Your local crew will make sure you enjoy the best of summer activities in the most beautiful locations in the Zadar archipelago, known only to local experts.

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