Top 11 beaches in Zadar region
beaches in Zadar region sakarun bay aerial

Beaches in Zadar region are one of the most attractive spots in hot summer months, ideal for a getaway from brimming summer crowds and enjoying the summer activities to the fullest.

There are countless beaches in Zadar region, from sandy lagoons to pebble coves with crystal clear sea, but how to know which beach to choose?

City beaches in Zadar are practical for a quick swim and lounging at the bars, but during the summer they can easily get crowded. Luckily, short car or boat ride away from the city, you will discover mesmerising beaches in Zadar region, ideal for getting that summerish bronzed tan.

Beaches in zadar region veli rat
Explore the hidden bays on Dugi Otok

If you want to enjoy the crown jewels of the beaches in Zadar region, we suggest a boat tour to the nearby islands. Zadar archipelago is dotted with numerous islands, filled with pristine bays, and it is almost certain you will find privacy on almost any island you choose.

Here is our list of the 10 most spectacular beaches in Zadar region that will make you feel like you are in heaven:

Sotorišče beach, Silba Island

Take a boat tour to the island of the captains and escape the summer crowds, on the carfree island Silba. On this secluded island, you will discover unparalleled tranquillity and spectacular island bays with the crystalline sea.

Apart from that, on Silba you will discover a beach that will make your boat trip worth visiting the island -Storišće.

beaches in Zadar region Silba island
Enjoy in turquoise bays on Silba Island

You will enjoy the turquoise sea and white sandy seabed on one of the most beautiful beaches in Zadar region. Besides the wonderful and crystal clear sea, this beach will offer you a beach bar where you can relax with a glass of cold beer, cocktails or grab a quick bite of local street food.

For an even better experience, if you can we suggest staying on the boat, that way you can enjoy in any part of shallow Sotorišće bay carefree.

Slatina bay Olib Island

Olib island is known as the Adriatic king of sandy beaches, and once you arrive on this lush island, you will immediately know why.

Spectacular sandy beaches in Zadar aren’t such an often phenomenon, but on Olib island you will have trouble deciding which bay is more stunning.

beaches in zadar region olib island slatina
Slatina bay on the Adriatic king of sandy beaches – Olib Island

Slatina bay is one of the most spectacular lagoons in Zadar region, accessible only by boat tour, that can easily overthrow any other sandy lagoon, due to its crystalline sea and the privacy you will get due to the thick pine trees surrounding the bay.

Sakarun beach, Dugi Otok

One of the most famous beaches in Zadar region is 800m long, sandy Sakarun bay. Here you will enjoy the turquoise sea, and lush pine forest surrounding this Eden-like place, and enjoy in picigin.

Apart from that, the world-known Sakarun bay is often proclaimed as one of the most beautiful European beaches and it is ideal for families with kids due to its shallow waters and gentle sandy seabed.

Here you will have a highlight of your boat trip and enjoy sunbathing, lounging at the beach bars, and finding joy in the various aquatic activities on the Adriatic beach with a Caribbean flair.

ceaches in zadar region sakarun bay aerial
Stunning Sakarun beach

Veli Žal, Dugi Otok

Visit one of the most praised beaches in Zadar region on your next boat trip and enjoy awe-inspiring vistas on Veli Žal and the inviting turquoise sea. Your local Zadar archipelago crew will make sure you can enjoy fruit salad or cold beer or cocktail on the boat while admiring the beach.

On Veli žal, you will be able to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and splashing in the sea to the fullest. The coastline of the beach is pebbly, and it is hiding a small cafe hidden underneath the shade of the pine trees.

Beaches in Zadar region veli žal boat
Enjoy on breathtaking Veli Žal

Lojena beach, Levrnaka island

Lojena beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Zadar region, and it is accessible only by boat tour. This amazing place is located on island Levrnaka on Kornati islands, and only local experts know about this breathtaking place

Since it is remote, Lojena is one of the beaches in Zadar region where you will enjoy snorkelling with various fish species in the crystalline sea. You can visit this magnificent place on a full-day boat tour or simply go on a beach escape to the Kornati islands.

beaches in zadar region lojena lagoon kornati islands
Beautiful Lojena lagoon

Queens beach, Nin

This magnificent sandy bay is one of the most spectacular beaches in Zadar region, and it is n only a 20-minute car ride away from the city centre.

On the Queen’s beach in Nin, you will find a vast sandy bay, charming beach bars, and a spectacular vista on Mt. Velebit.

Moreover, here you can try out jet skis, water skiing or kite surfing in the Velebit channel. Besides, this place has what no other beaches in Zadar region have – healing properties.

beaches in Zadar Nin queens beach
Enjoy summer activities on Queens beach – Photo by: @zadar_region

You will often see people covered in black clay, wandering around the beach, but don’t worry- that black clay is actually very healthy for the skin and the bones, and it has some proven medicinal benefits.

Sabunike beach, Privlaka

An only a 15-minute drive away from the city centre, you will discover one of the most beautiful beaches in  Zadar region – Sabunike. In this idyllic place, you will enjoy the spacious sandy coastline and unique atmosphere.

beaches in Zadar sabunike beach privlaka
Charming Sabunike beach in Privkala – Photo by:

Apart from that Sabunike is an ideal beach for families with children due to its shallow waters and sandy seabed. Moreover, you will get breathtaking views on the island Pag and Mt. Velebit while enjoying the best of summer activities.

Bilotnjak beach, Privlaka

Yet another marvellous place on our list of the best beaches in Zadar county is a real treat and a true insider tip. Only 15km away from Zadar, you will find beach Bilotnjak – a natural bay that gives off vibes of the Australian beaches.

Here you will find exceptional scenery, countless instagrammable spots, wonderful sea and sandy coastline ideal for a relaxing day on the beach.

What is unique on this beach are the red rock formations surrounding this lagoon, making it a true one-of-a-kind place to visit on your holiday in Zadar.

beaches in zadar privlaka bay
Unique Bilotnjak beach in Privlaka- Photo by: @welcome_to_privlaka_

Zaton beach, Zaton

If you want an active day on a beach look no more – Zaton is one of the most fun-filled beaches in  Zadar county. Here you can enjoy your favourite water sport, enjoy in beach bars, read a book in a hammock, relax under the shade of pine trees or enjoy in aquapark with your kids, play beach volleyball, badminton, go on a horseback riding along the beach or opt-in for a jet ski ride.

beches in zadar region zaton
Enjoy a sun-filled beach day with your family- Photo by: @zatonholidayresort

Zaton beach is part of the Zaton Holiday Resort, which means you will have countless options available in the nearby beach hotel. Zaton beach is a holder of a “Blue Flag” award which means the sea is extraordinarily clear. On the 1500m long coastline you will find both- sand part of the beach and the pebbled part, which makes this place ideal for everyone.

Zrće beach, Novalja, Pag Island

If you are up for a wild day at the beach and want to have an epic beach party, Zrće beach is a must-visit. This long pebbled is an unmatched party place amongst all beaches in Zadar and is worldly-known as the Croatian Ibiza. The bonus side is the magnificent view on Mt. Velebit that gives this place an otherworldly atmosphere.

beaches in zadar zrće beach
Enjoy in wild beach parties on Zrće beach- Photo by: @zrcebeach

Here you can enjoy swimming, jet skiing, bungee jumping, water skiing, parasailing, working out on a beach gym, while you are taking a break from the beach parties in the best summer clubs in Europe.

All the clubs work 24/7 and they are located on Zrće beach along with numerous little shops and fast foods if you are in need of a quick bite. Apart from that, the nightlife here is epic and you will have a chance to listen to the most famous DJs around the world at the summer festivals.

Kolovare Beach, Zadar

The oldest and the most famous among all the beaches in Zadar is Kolovare beach, home to the Zadar swimming club. Here you can easily get by car or by bus, and enjoy watching swimming practices and crazy jumps from the famous jumping platform.

Moreover, you will enjoy the refreshing sea, pebbled coastline and numerous cafes right on the beach. You can opt-in for beach volleyball, the local game of “buće” (let’s call it a traditional sport similar to mini bowling) and many more.

Beach is great for the children since it has a playground and lifeguards always keeping an eye on the visitors.

Dare to jump – Photo by @likezadar

Why are island beaches on the islands most praised beaches in Zadar county?

Island lagoons are places filled with untouched nature and pure crystalline sea, and due to their secluded location, they don’t have a vast number of visitors. This makes them an ideal target for a boat excursion.

beaches in zadar region islands and boat
Discover best island bays with Zadar Archipelago

Since they are remote, and mostly accessible only by boat tours, on the island beaches in the Zadar region, you will discover unparalleled beauty and enjoy far away from the crowds.

Zadar Archipelago crew knows all the secluded bays and best beaches in Zadar region, and we will take you to the most spectacular ones on your next boat tour.