Top 5 must-visit beaches on a boat trip from Zadar

Explore the extraordinary beaches on a boat trip from Zadar and enjoy summer to the fullest. Swim, snorkel, splash and jump into the crystal-clear sea with style on mesmerising lagoons.

Your expert Zadar Archipelago crew knows all the best beaches for a perfect beach escape on your boat trip from Zadar. Here is our selection of top five beaches for an ideal beach getaway:

girl floating in the sea in swuimsuit in sakarun beach
Enjoy to the fullest

Escape the summer heats on Sakarun beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia you can visit on a boat trip from Zadar is the world-famous Sakarun beach.

What makes this place so impressive is the 800meter (2625ft) long white-sand coastline, turquoise sea and lush vegetation, which is a natural barrier that protects this jewel of Adriatic from the winds.

sakarun beach aerial
Recharge your batteries on Sakarun beach

On your boat trip from Zadar to Sakarun beach, you will enjoy a scenic ride, learn how to do stylish jumps and summersaults from a speedboat, enjoy in crystač-clear sea, work on your bronzed tan, and lounge in beach bars.

Apart from that you can snorkel and discover the curious fishes, or ask your local crew to learn you the king of beach sports – Picigin.

Be amazed by the nature on Veli Žal beach

You will be impressed by the crystalline sea on Veli Žal beach on your next boat trip from Zadar.  This beach is also known as the Great White Stone beach and it has a way to hypnotise you with its inspiring beauty.

Veli Žal is ideal for beach escapes with tropical flair, far away from the summer crowds.

couple on boat trip from Zadar on veli žal beach
Enjoy in pristine nature on Veli Žal

You will get a chance to explore the world beneath the waves, enjoy cocktails and fruit salad on the boat, and enjoy the crystal-clear sea to the fullest. Channel your inner mermaid and let the summer fun begin!

Escape the crowds on Sotorišće beach

Opt-in for a boat trip from Zadar to Silba island and discover one true oasis. On Sotorišće bay you will enjoy the best summer activities to the fullest, lounge in an atmospheric beach bar, and sunbathe with a spectacular view.

Since Silba island is remote, it is the ideal place to escape the summer crowds. Apart from that, you will be enchanted by the clarity of the sea and the lush island vegetation complemented with a unique island atmosphere.

Silba island Sotorišće bay private boat tour aerial
Enjoy in stunning Sotrišće bay

Visit the spectacular Slatina bay on your boat trip from Zadar 

Olib island is known as the Adriatic king of the sandy beaches and you will know why as soon as you lay your eyes on Slatina bay. You will get a chance to enjoy the best summer activities in complete privacy, and rejuvenate in the spectacular sandy lagoon.

Relax and recharge your batteries in breathtaking Slatina beach and enjoy pristine nature. You can opt-in for a game of picigin or lounge under the shade of the pine trees on your next beach escape.

Olib island private boat tour stunning lagoons
Rejuvenate in Slatina Bay

Discover dazzling Lojena Lagoon

On your boat trip from Zadar to the Kornati islands, your local crew will take you to the most beautiful parts of the Kornati archipelago – Levrnaka Island.

You will get a chance to explore the vivid underwater life, enjoy the clearest sea, escape summer crowds and refresh yourself on the sandy Lojena lagoon. Apart from that, there you can work on your bronzed tan and take spectacular beach photos.

Lojena lagoon aerial view of stunning bay
Escape the crowds in Lojena Lagoon

How can I visit these beaches?

Zadar Archipelago has boat trips from Zadar every day! You can choose between full-day boat tours, or half-day beach escapes to the astonishing locations.