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Top 8 local products in Zadar

calendar iconMar 27, 2019

When visiting this region, local products in Zadar and exquisite gastronomy will be a big part of your holiday experience, but some of them are unique for Zadar county and it would be a shame if you don’t try them out on your holiday.

Here is our quick tasting guide for a top 8 local products in Zadar region:

King of all the liquors, beloved by the aristocrats – Maraschino

One of the most famous local products in Zadar produced by Maraska Zadar factory is a liquor Maraschino, made from a cherry sort Maraška that grows only in the Zadar region. This sweet liquor dates back to the 16th century when the monks of the Dominican monastery started its production.

This unique local product was consumed by world-famous people like Casanova, Napoleon, Hitchcock and many more. It was also consumed on the legendary Titanic and even the famous writer Honoré de Balzac wrote about it.in his novel “Un début dans la vie”

Maraschino was very popular among aristocrats and it was exported all around the globe from Paris, Vienna, St. Petersburg, London, Berlin, Naples, Genoa, Milan, Istanbul and Canada, United States, Australia, and numerous other countries.

local products in Zadar maraschino maraska zadar
Traditional Maraschino – Photo by: Maraska Zadar

How popular Maraschino was amongst royals is witnessed by the act of Queen Victoria in 1871. When the queen pulled English warships frond the Mediterranean sea because of the lack of the Maraschino liquor on the royal court.

Moreover, King George V. himself visited the factory Maraska in 1840 and ordered a large amount of Maraschino, calling it “The king of all the liquors”

local produscts in zadar maraschino
King of all the liquors – Photo by: @calle_carriera_gift_shop

At 1840. Francesco Drioli implemented a unique technique of bottle handmade bottle-knitting for Maracshino bottles. That tradition is upheld to this day and these unique handmade bottles are exquisite souvenirs for your loved ones.        

Some of the other world famous local products in Zadar made by Maraska Zadar are: Cherry Brandy, Pelinkovac, Kruškovac, Orahovac, Višnjevača and Borovnička.               

Treat your tastebuds with exquisite local Wines

Local products in Zadar are part of the overall experience when visiting his charming city, and everyone knows you cannot enjoy freshly caught seafood without a proper glass of wine. Luckily Zadar region has high-quality wines perfect for pairing with exquisite local food.

local products in Zadar- degarra wine
Enjoy in the local wines- Photo by: @zadar_region_

Discover a wide palette of mouth-watering red, white and rose wines made from locally grown grapes. You can complement your meals with a glass or bottle of local wine or opt-in for a wine tour to the nearby wineries such as Kraljevski vinogradi, Degarra, Fiolic winery.

Savour the unique flavours of awarded Paški cheese

The most famous of all the local products is the award-winning Paški cheese. This unique diary product is special because it can only be made on Island Pag, due to the environment which plays a crucial role in the creation process.

local products in zadar - paški cheese
Famous Paški cheese- Photo by: @zadar_region

The mighty Bura (northern) wind spreads dry salt all over the local plants, unique for the harsh conditions of island Pag. The sheeps then enjoy their meal, which gives their milk a specific aroma and in the end the cheese. This is one of the most beloved local products in Zadar, and its production is limited.

Discover the most famous dish in the Zadar region – Paška Lamb

You will notice Croats are big fans of meat and Paška lamb is considered to be one of the most delicious local products in Zadar and the country.

We are talking about the meat of local lambs bred and pastured on Pag Island. The lambs usually weigh from 4 to 10 kilograms and the golden rule is that the lamb must not be older more than 45 days old.

local products in Zadar pag lamb
Paška lamb under the bell – Photo by: @camp_strasko_

Paška lamb is distinctive due to the herbs on which the lambs feed on, which gives their meat a one-of-a-kind flavour. This kind of meat is very juicy and tender with a mellow taste.

Lamb from Pag island is one of the most famous dishes and is traditionally roasted, grilled or prepared under the bell (ispod peke)  and served with potatoes.

Learn what it takes to make Ninski Šokol – foodgasm for all meat lovers

One of the excellent local products in Zadar region is traditional Ninski šokol, and it is far away from simply dried pork.

It takes a lot of factors to be aligned perfectly to be able to produce high-quality local products like šokol.  Firstly locals need an exquisite piece of pork meat, Nin salt, local herbs and spices and high-quality red wine.  Apart from that, they need mighty Bura wind (cold northern wind) and family recipe which is passed from generation to generation.

local products in Zadar ninski šokol olive oil salt
Ninski šokol – Phot by: @desalt_street_food

Ninski šokol is a unique combination of tradition, climate, dedication, local know-how and local spices and herbs. Out of the all products in Zadar, this one will be a special treat for all meat lovers.

Bring a piece of Adriatic Sea with you the Nin Salt

Salt in Nin is one of the oldest local products in Zadar county, and it has always been considered as a gift from the Adriatic Sea.

This particular salt has a high percentage of iodine, which makes it one of the best salts in Europe, and the world.  Apart from that nature has gifted this salt ability to simultaneously improve the taste of food, and health.

local products in zadar salt nin
White gold aka Salt in Nin- Photo by: @solana.nin

The most famous is the ”salt-flower” a salt type with the highest quality with a large positive impact on your health. Moreover, you can buy a traditionally packed little bag of salt as a souvenir and bring a touch of Adriatic Sea home with you.

Improve your health with extra virgin Olive Oil from Ugljan Island

It is well-known fact that locals in Dalmatia have massive affection for olive oil and olives. Apart from that Olive grooves are part of the charm and identity of the region, and it is no wonder that the highest quality olive oils are one of the most prestigious local products in Zadar region.

local products in zadar olive oil ugljan
Local olive oil on Ugljan – photo by: @opgskopic

Zadar county had always had a long and intimate connection with the “liquid green gold” As you travel across the Zadar Region, you will often see vast fields of Olive grooves and smell the scents of the olives from the Ravni Kotari, to the islands.

Ugljan island is known as the Olive island due to the vast olive grooves all over this island, and it is the place where some of the finest olive oils have been produced for millennia. Visit the nearby Ugljan island with a half-day boat tour and enjoy local gastronomy.

Discover the strong bond between Japan and Croatia – Bluefin Tuna from Zadar 

One of the top-notch quality local products in Zadar is coming from the depths of the Zadar channel, and it is a high-quality bluefin tuna – proclaimed as the most delicious tuna in the world.

local products in zadar tuna sushi
Adriatic tuna sushi – Photo by: like.zadar

Due to the pure and rich Adriatic Sea, bluefin tuna thrives here, and that was recognised by the Japanese which are amazed by the taste and the premium quality of Kali tuna. You can see the bluefin tuna farm during your boat trip with Zadar Archipelago, or arrange a visit to the Kali village, fam and the tuna factory on a private boat tour.

Local products in Zadar Kali bleufin tuna
Bluefin tuna farms – Photo by: @zadar_region_

That is proved by the insanely high demand and prices of the Adriatic tuna on the Japanese market, and the arrival of the Nobu Matsuhisa, owner of the world’s most praised sushi restaurant chain and his partner, famous actor Robert de Niro, to personally arrange the Adriatic tuna delivery to their restaurants around the globe.

TIP: You can try out this premium tuna at the Maguro restaurant in Zadar centre, or the Tuna, Sushi and Wine festival in April.

Local products in Zadar Maguro sushi restaurant
Try bluefin tuna sushi in Maguro restaurant – Photo by: @maguro_sushi_zadar

Local products in Zadar are an experience for themselves, which is proved by numerous awards and high demand all around the globe. Treat your taste buds with numerous prestigious local products in Zadar, or let your local experts in Zadar Archipelago show you the best spots on your next boat trip to the islands, full of mouthwatering restaurants with dishes made exclusively out of the local products.

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