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Conquer St. Michaels Fortress

Everything you need to know about a Private Boat Tour to Ugljan Island

calendar iconApr 22, 2022

Nearby Islands often get overlooked by travellers in search of remote islands and secluded bays, but on a Private Boat Tour to Ugljan Island you will discover numerous wonders of nature only 15 minutes of speedboat ride away from Zadar.

Ugljan Island is an ideal place for every nature lover due to its lush Mediterranean vegetation, numerous secluded bays, crystal-clear sea, and stunning panoramic hilltop vistas.

The island is in the proximity of Zadar and it is brimming with life, especially on the north-eastern coast, where you can find seven jewels of the Olive island Ugljan. These gems are actually picturesque Mediterranean villages, where you can experience the true island lifestyle in surroundings complemented by the combination of lush nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, unique island traditions and entertainment.

On a Private Ugljan Island Boat tour, you can take your time and explore the island’s hinterlands, olive groves, vineyards, biking trails through the picturesque villages, stunning bays or secluded corners for naturists.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know before you opt-in for a Ugljan Island Boat tour:

What to see & What to do on Ugljan Island

Separated from the known world, and yet close to everything the Green Croatian island is ideal both for a peaceful holiday and an active vacation.

Create your own adventure on the Ugljan Island Boat tour, enjoy a scenic speedboat ride through hidden coves, be amazed by the unspoiled nature and beautiful surroundings of the “Olive Island” and explore the islands’ hinterlands.

Hike up to the St. Mihovil Fortress

Hike to the St. Mihovils hill, and enjoy lush island vegetation while you conquer the awe-inspiring panoramic views.  Once you climb to the hilltop, you will get a chance to explore the medieval Venetian fortress of Sv. Mihovil and enjoy in beautiful 360 views of over 200 islands of the Zadar archipelago.

TIP: Sunsets on St.Mihovil hill are otherworldly

panoramic view from st.mihovil fortress ugljan island
Conquer St. Mihovil Fortress

Visit Liburnian Olive Oli Mill near Villa Rustica

Enjoy in beach getaway in stunning Mulie bay, and take a moment to explore the ancient Liburnian oil mill in Muline, dating back from the 1st century. Discover the strongest mill of the Mediterranean and witness 2000 years of olive oil tradition on island Ugljan.

Explore the Hidden Island Monasteries

Visit the monastery of St. Jerome on Ugljan or  St. Paul on the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic -islet of Galevac (Školjić) in front of Preko. Inside this 15th century building, you will find a secret library. Ugljan island is home to numerous small medieval churches, each with its own backstory, scattered throughout the island.

Galevac island monastery aerial view molat and ugljan boat tour
Visit the Smallest Inhabited Island in the Adriatic Sea

Beach-hunt with the speedboat

Ugljan is a paradise filled with lush vegetation and pristine bays, and home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Adriatic. Opt-in for lagoon hopping adventure and explore the best beaches of Ugljan island on your boat tour from Zadar. The advantages of a speedboat on Ugljan are countless, you will experience complete liberty, enjoy scenic rides, explore places only local experts know about and still be home before dinner.

Cycle on the gorgeous island trails

If you want to explore the hinterland of Ugljan, or cycle on trails near the coastline with awe-inspiring vistas, look no more. Rent a bike and visit the stunning beaches, sacred heritage, remnants of the past, try out local gastronomy in traditional taverns and much more.

Ugljan island will welcome you with arranged and marked cycling paths of exceptional beauty, as well as rest areas and lookouts in the attractive island hinterland.

Snorkel in Pristine bays 

The island of Ugljan is rich in the marine world. Here you can snorkel and scuba dive in secluded bays and discover countless steep cliffs, underwater caves, castles and vivid marine life.

The coastline of Ugljan island will offer you a unique opportunity to discover various artefacts, sea walls and vivid marine flora and fauna.

girl snorkeling
Snorkel around Island bays

Opt-in for Night out on Ugljan island 

On Island Ugljan you can enjoy the local festivities like fishermen’s nights, or open-air live concerts and mingle with the locals and try out some of the local specialities.

On islands in the Zadar region, you won’t find any night clubs but you can night out in beach bars such as  Ritam Bar in Ugljan village or Mavra in Kali.

Visit 7 jewels of Ugljan Island

The island of Ugljan is an ideal place for everyone in need of relaxation, gorgeous beaches an active vacation. On Ugljan island you will discover 7 island villages and experience an easy pace of life and get a chance to get back to nature surrounded by the dense greenery.

Ugljan is also known as the “Floating Green Garden” of Zadar and is filled with lush nature and more than 200 thousand olive trees.

The northeastern side of the Ugljan island is lined with 7 Mediterranean villages,  and beautiful beaches, while the other side of Ugljan is mostly steep and uninhabited. That is why it is full of hidden bays and a rich underwater world, which makes it an ideal spot for Ugljan Island Boat Tour.

Each one of these 7 island jewels (Preko, Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomišćica, Poljana, Kali and Kukljica) is unique and filled with traditions and stories you need to experience by yourself.

ugljan island olive trees molat and ugljan boat tour
Explore the Ugljan Island hinterlands

When to visit Ugljan Island

The best time to visit Ugljan Island is in the summer months, from May until October. Air temperatures on the islands in the summer months are delightful, and vary from 25-30 degrees Celsius (77- 86 F) and the sea is refreshing around 20-25 C (68 – 77 F).

If you want to enjoy all the summer activities to the fullest then we suggest a boat tour to these islands in June, July, August and September which will give you the chance to explore the underwater world of this inspiring place.

If you find yourself in Zadar in shoulder season nearby islands can still offer you unspoiled nature and a lot of content to enjoy on Ugljan island.

Top 5 beaches on Ugljan Island

You should definitely explore the beaches and hidden bays on your Ugljan Island Boat Tour. If you want to enjoy in Robinsonian atmosphere you should explore the other side of the island where you can discover hidden natural beauty away from summer crowds.

In addition to the beautiful sandy beaches on Ugljan’s northern side, there are countless hidden coves and beaches on the southern side of the island.

Here is a quick  list of our favourite beaches on Ugljan Island:

Luka Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches on Ugljan Island. Preko has many lovely beaches where you can relax and enjoy your Ugljan island boat tour. This stunning place has a robinsonian atmosphere due to its abundance of vegetation which makes Luka beach an ideal spot for relaxation, and enjoyment in the best summer activities in the crystalline sea.

Magazin Beach is located in Preko, right across the islet Galevac, and it will give you a chance to enjoy stunning vistas and crystal-clear sea. Dip your toes in the turquoise sea, relax on the sandy beaches, or visit the nearby cafes. Magazin Beach offers a variety of easy access points to the sea, as well as showers and changing rooms for families with small children. Additionally, you can cross over to Galevac Island by traditional rowing boat, swimming or walking through Shallow Paradise Bay and visit two extraordinary beaches in one trip.

Jaz Beach is one of Preko’s most praised beaches because of its white sand, shallow sea, and beach bars. A family with children will find this spot to be perfect on the Ugljan Island Boat Tour. Additionally, there are slides for children, restaurants, beach bars, restrooms, a children’s park, volleyball courts, and a lovely promenade for romantic sunset strolls.

Sutomiška Bay is located at the end of Sutomišćica, near the St. Gregory Cape. There you will discover a gorgeous beach that offers easy access to the sea.

Taking a boat tour on Ugljan Island will allow you to explore this bay in a unique way. Those in search of adventure and peace will enjoy its backside, which is rocky and surrounded by cypress trees.

Frnaža bay is a small bay ideal for boaters. Several pebble beaches can be found in the bay. The seabed of Frnaža bay is sandy with numerous underwater rocks full of marine life, which makes snorkelling in this cove an especially enjoyable experience.

ugljan island bays
Discover the best bays on Ugljan – Photo by @island.ugljan.photos

Is a Private Boat Tour to Ugljan Island really for everyone?

Most definitely! Ugljan Island is only 15 minutes of speedboat ride away from Zadar, and everyone can enjoy this scenic cruise and unique vista on the Zadar region coastline. This boat tour isn’t physically demanding and it won’t be an issue for any age group or fitness level.

Apart from that Ugljan island Boat tour will give you a chance to explore the numerous secluded bays, discover natural corners, rejuvenate in unspoiled nature or relax in the abundance of vegetation.

If you are an active traveller you will be pleased to hear that Ugljan Island has some of the best bike and hike trails in the Zadar region. Apart from that, you can enjoy relaxing scooter rides along the island, or kayaking and stand up paddling adventures along its mesmerising coastline.

Things you didn’t know about Ugljan Island

ugljan island cruising private molat and ugljan boat tour
Join us on a Boat tour of Ugljan Island

Why choose Zadar Archipelago Boat Tours

Ugljan Island is the ideal place to opt in for a private boat tour if you have only one day to explore the islands of the Zadar archipelago. With a speedboat, you will be able to discover numerous hidden bays, known only to local experts, enjoy scenic rides, and be able to hop from one place to another in no time. You will visit the best spots on Ugljan Island and enjoy fun summer activities and still be back before dinner.

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