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Simple reasons why visit Zadar in summer 2023

calendar iconApr 20, 2023

Wondering why visit Zadar in summer 2023? Here are a few simple reasons: location, 3000-year-old heritage, unique atmosphere, unparalleled beauty, a vast archipelago, stunning sunsets and unspoiled nature and some of the reasons why you should visit Zadar.

Why visit Zadar Zadar Forum St Donatus
Zadar city centre – Photo by: @like_zadar

Apart from that, one of the reasons why you should choose Zadar as your next holiday destination is because it is filled with new and thrilling experiences every step of the way and it has exquisite gastronomy.

Enjoy in the Benefits of Unparalleled Location

The first reason why you should visit Zadar is its location in the heart of central Dalmatia. Which makes it easily reachable by air, land or sea.

Zadar Airport is well connected with all major European cities all-year-round flights and it is only a 30-minute drive away from the city centre. This means you can fly in Zadar quite easily.

Besides the city has great road and highway access, complimented with scenic routes. Apart from that, you can simply sail or cruise to Zadar and find numerous modern berths and safe anchorages for your boat or yacht.

Why visit Zadar pennisula
Old Town Zadar – Photo by: @like_zadar

Moreover, Zadar is an ideal base and starting point for exploring the rest of Croatia or the Adriatic sea. That fact is confirmed by the vicinity of 5 National Parks and 3 nature parks,  which you can reach in under 1 hour or drive. From  Zadar, you will be in proximity to other major cities in Croatia such as Split, Zagreb, Rijeka and Šibenik.

The last but not least reason why visit Zadar is due to its location is the diversity of the Zadar region. From the crystalline sea, rich heritage, numerous islands, rivers, fields and the mountains – Zadar has it all.

Bask in the sun every day and enjoy in Spectacular Weather

Zadar has exceptional weather conditions, climate and a high amount of sunny days! That alone is a great answer to the question of why visit Zadar. The microclimate of the Zadar region is specific and a bit more refreshing than in southern Dalmatia, which comes in handy during the hot summer months.

Plus, majestic Mt. Velebit, the longest mountain chain in Croatia, protects the city from harsh northern winds and serves as the natural barrier. This means the Climate in Zadar is ideal in the summer months.

Why visit Zadar family boat trip sakarun
Explore the islands with Zadar Archipelago boat tours

Air temperature is usually around 25-30 C degrees and the sea is quite warm with an average of 20-25 C degrees in summer months. With all the facts above,  your why visit Zadar, can slowly turn into the when to visit Zadar. Keep reading to find out more reasons why visit Zadar in summer 2023.

Time travel and discover the stories behind the 3000-year-old Heritage

One of the well-known reasons why to visit Zadar is its unique heritage dating to ancient Roman times and spectacular architecture.

Zadar Old Town is basically an open-air museum and once you step foot into the peninsula you will be amazed by the architecture and marble streets that form a spectacular layout, filled with a vast heritage for you to explore. Apart from that, you can discover numerous traditions and enjoy exploring the ancient paths and roman squares.

Why visit Zadar Old town centre
Discover the rich heritage- Photo by: @likezadar

Enjoy in the  awe-inspiring Sunsets

Probably the most famous reason why visit Zadar is its world-famous sunset that won’t leave you feeling indifferent.  Even A.Hitchcok admitted sunset here is more beautiful than one in the Key West in Florida that gets applauded every evening.

Apart from that sunset watching in Zadar isn’t just sight it is a complete experience for all of your senses. You will  feast your eyes on spectacular bursts of colours on the sky, feel the scent of fresh salty air, feel the light summer breeze on your skin and listen to the symphony of the sea and views on the one-of-a-kind installation known as “Sea Organs”

people on a boat tour during a sunset in zadar
Witness spectacular sunsets in Zadar

For an even better sunset experience, witness this magical moment on a Magical sunset boat tour, and enjoy spectacular vistas with a glass of champagne from the comfort of your boat.

Discover 200+ islands ready to explore in Zadar Archipelago

One of the most appealing reasons why visit Zadar is its vast archipelago filled with numerous islands and countless secluded bays. Zadar Archipelago crew knows all the best spots and your local crew will take you on the spectacular speedboat tour to the nearby islands.

Apart from breathtaking places, crystal clear sea and sandy beaches, you will discover completely new experiences on your next boat tour to the islands.

On Dugi Otok, you will get a chance to snorkel around the sunken ship, explore the spectacular sea cave, enjoy the best summer activities on the stunning sandy beaches and have an exciting speedboat ride around the island of diversity.

Sea Cave Golubinka, Dugi otok
Explore Golubinka cave

On Kornati Islands boat tour, you will explore the unspoiled nature of Telaščica, swim in the healing waters of Salt Lake Mir, get amazed by magnificent white cliffs, enjoy the nautical paradise known as the Kornati archipelago, visit the private islands and enjoy the most beautiful beach in the Kornati islands.

Why visit Zadar Lojena one of the best beaches in croatia air view
Discover the best spots in Kornati Islands

On Silba island you will escape the summer crowds, rejuvenate in turquoise bays, relax in lush surroundings without any cars and climb up the tower of love. Moreover, you will visit the Adriatic king of sandy beaches – Island Olib and swim in the most beautiful bays in Croatia on your next boat trip.

Why visit Zadar Silba island
Enjoy in turquoise bays on Silba Island

Nearby Islands can often get overlooked, but in reality, they are lush islands filled with unspoiled nature and pristine bays. On Molat Island you will be able to enjoy privacy in sandy lagoons, on Sestrunj Island you can visit the 15th meridian or snorkel around the sunken ship and explore the underwater world. At Ugljan island, known as the “Olive Island” or “Green Garden of Tadar” possibilities are countless. You can enjoy gorgeous beaches, explore the hinterlands, have an active vacation, visit picturesque Mediterranean villages such as Preko, or the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic – Galevac.

Galevac island monastery aerial view molat and ugljan boat tour
Visit the Smallest Inhabited Island in the Adriatic Sea

Stay active in the untouched nature of Zadar region

One more reason why visit Zadar is its magnificent hinterlands. Here you will discover vast fields, charming wineries, spectacular beaches and charming little villages.

If that is not an answer you wanted to hear on why to visit Zadar, how about something more adventurous? In the Zadar region, you can enjoy numerous cycling and hiking routes, opt-in for rock climbing, quad adventure, horseback riding, motorsports, and much more.

Why visit Zadar
Enjoy spectacular vistas on a photo safari – Photo by: @_movepics

Lastly, if you are still asking yourself why to visit Zadar, imagine the area of unspoiled nature, filled with the majestic canyon, emerald river Zrmanja, majestic mountain range from the one side and dotted archipelago, with the crystal-clear sea from the other side.

Why visit Zadar and opt-in for a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago?

You will explore the numerous islands, enjoy pristine bays, experience thrilling boat trips, snorkel around spectacular shipwrecks, explore the sea cave, hike to the most amazing viewpoints and enjoy a unique island atmosphere.

Why visit Zadar
Make the most out of your boat trip

Let our team of local experts show you the best spots in the Zadar archipelago and enjoy n the unique experiences surrounded by otherworldly sights. With us, you will experience more, create unforgettable memories and enjoy a fun-filled, fully guided boat tour.

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