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5 reasons to choose Zadar Archipelago boat tours

calendar iconJan 18, 2023

For guests arriving in Zadar, there will be plenty of ways to experience the best of this part of the Croatian Adriatic Sea. Since the Zadar archipelago consists of more than 300 islands and islets packed into a compact area, travellers will be able to visit lots of different sites, if they book a trip with Zadar Archipelago boat tours.

Because Zadar is a tourist mecca of the central Adriatic, there will be no shortage of different tour operators, tourist agencies and local guides to choose from, each one swearing that his offer is better than the next one.

In this kind of situation, how can one distinguish between a generic tour and a unique experience? The answer to this is to ask any questions directly and observe the response. If there is no customer support or defined itineraries, then these are good signs that your tour experience will surely be lacking in some departments.

solo boat trip in Zadar
At Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours, we guarantee you will experience the secret and unique side of the Croatian coastline

Also, many tour operators use dated vessels, which are historic, hulking monstrosities that can take in a ton of tourists but are very slow, meaning you will waste most of your time in transit, being stuck in a tour group of 50+ people.

At Zadar Archipelago boat tours, we field only modern speedboats and employ only local tour guides, who create itineraries based on their favourite locations. The tour groups are small and intimate, guaranteeing a more individualistic approach to guests.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Zadar Archipelago boat tours:

With Zadar Archipelago boat tours, everything runs smoothly

Thanks to our local know-how, Zadar Archipelago is able to arrange the perfect conditions for a day trip, (except for when the weather goes bad- we still haven’t figured out how to control the weather 🙂 ).

Since we pioneered many of the routes we take guests on, we know every step of the way, so nothing can surprise us. Also, we always take care of our equipment, making sure that the speedboats are in perfect working condition. Considering our competition, we offer the most seamless day trip experiences in the greater Zadar area, natural and flowing, like drinking a cool glass of water.

Enjoy the supervision of an experienced team and an adaptable crew

Our expert team is comprised of locals who learned how to operate speedboats from a very young age. Once they knew the basic manoeuvres, they started to explore the greater Zadar archipelago region.

Zadar Archipelago boat tours speedboat
The local know-how of Zadar Archipelago`s experienced tour guides will make all the difference on your day trip

This means that many of the locations on our itineraries are actually places our crew visited while they were growing up; first with parents as children, then as teenagers with their friends, seeking some peace and privacy away from parental supervision.

This is why we offer the best secret locations in the greater Zadar region. Also, many seasons have made them hardened veterans of countless day trips, which honed their skills and made them experts in the business of speedboat day trips.

We offer custom-made experiences

We always try to mix it up and keep the experiences fresh and interesting, especially for returning clients. Not being slaves to conventional routes, we strive towards finding new and exciting ways in which we can bring the magic of our homeland to curious customers.

Peaceful bay and clear waters Island of Kurba Vela National Park Kornati

This could take the form of a newly opened restaurant, a secret lookout point, a secluded beach or a curious archaeological site.

We have distinguished ourselves as business leaders

We have been doing this job for nearly a decade, and in that time we have evolved into the best day-trip speedboat tour operator in the central Croatian Adriatic sea. This is obvious to us because of the stable number of returning guests, positive reviews on all social media sites, and plenty of satisfied partners and associates.

We offer a wide itinerary range

At Zadar Archipelago boat tours, you can take your pick between a wide choice of different itineraries, which offer a wide choice of locations – you can even decide to craft your own itinerary. If not, pick one of our bespoke itineraries, specially designed to provide a wide experience scope, and are excellently suited for guests who want to experience as much as possible during their holiday in Zadar.

Why Choose a Boat Tour with Zadar Archipelago?

The region of the Zadar archipelago is a vast treasure trove of beautiful beaches, cosy coves, secluded bays and incredible natural beauty. There are many alluring places and locations to visit, so no matter what location or tour you choose, you cannot go wrong with a holiday in the central Croatian Adriatic Sea.

snippet cover photo zadar boat tour
Exploring Silba island with Zadar Archipelago boat tours and the Lolivul 9 speedboat

At Zadar Archipelago, we see this fact as an opportunity to present our guests with a flexible itinerary, which is also susceptible to changes made by guests. You can always give your input about the places you would like to visit, and if you book a private tour, we will be happy to oblige.

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