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Zadar Christmas Folklore – An overview

Dec 09, 2023

Enter the realm of Saint Lucy, Yule logs, and protective musket shots, with Zadar Archipelago boat tours, as we unveil the hidden gems of Zadar Christmas folklore. Join us on this immersive expedition that blends history, folklore, and the thrill of the sea, promising an unforgettable encounter with the holiday spirit that has echoed through the generations in this captivating Croatian city.


Saint Lucy’s Legacy

December 13 marked the celebration of Saint Lucy in the Arbanasi and Puntamika regions of Zadar. Children left stockings in specific places, expecting modest gifts. Divergent theories connected Santa Lucia to ancient pagan deities, emphasizing her role as a positive gift-giver. In these regions, the belief in Saint Lucy was widespread, portraying her as a bearer of light and a giver of gifts to children.

Sali church
Particularly around Christmas, the churches around Zadar become a beehive of activity

In times of great poverty, parents struggled to afford modest gifts for their children. If stockings were found empty, children were told it was due to inadequate chimney cleaning for Saint Lucy’s descent.

The Cathedral of Saint Duje in Split houses a crypt dedicated to Saint Lucy, featuring a miraculous water source believed to have healing properties. In some regions, children believed Saint Lucy arrived on a donkey, leaving straw and water in anticipation.

Charms and Coin-Embedded Bread

Christmas Eve in Zadar involved candle smoke divination, with a fear that the person the smoke turned toward would be the first to die. The first person to enter a house on Christmas had to be a young, vital man, symbolizing prosperity.

Kneading a coin into the bread was a common practice, with the lucky person expecting a prosperous year. Unique to the region were carolers, “čestitari,” who had to be invited into homes, greeting the head of the household, hostess, and eldest son.

Our Lady of Loreto

The Feast of Our Lady of Loreto underwent a shift in celebration from December to May in the Zadar region. Detailed preparations involved young men gathering holly and making wreaths.

Tim Ertl Zadar 4
There are many interesting tales of Zadar Christmas Folklore – Photo credit to: Tim Ertl

The church decoration period led to the main altar adorned with roses, often brought by Arbanasi from their home gardens. The celebration involved a solemn Mass, the decoration of the Our Lady statue, and festive ringing announcing the feast.

Christmas Eve Vigil and Culinary Traditions

Traditionally, Christmas Eve in Zadar was spent in vigil, symbolized by the lighting of the Yule log. The custom of lighting the Yule log has faded with the disappearance of old fireplaces. Acquiring the Yule log was a special occasion, where young children would accompany the man of the house, as he would find the biggest log, alongside two smaller ones, which would then be placed to dry near the house.

Zadar sunset
Being around the sea during Christmas is a special feeling

On Christmas Eve, the Yule log would burn all night, and up until Christmas Day.

The Fading Echoes of Muskets

Christmas Eve, marked by a prohibition on children’s outings, showcased protective customs. In the old days, it was customary in Arbanasi to shoot muskets on Christmas Eve as an expression of celebration and a way to drive evil spirits out of the house. This Zadar Christmas folklore custom ceased just before World War I when Austrian authorities banned the possession of firearms.

 A Blend of Faith and Community

The solemn celebration of Christmas began in the early hours of December 25, immediately after midnight. According to Zadar Christmas folklore midnight, mass was a highlight for the Arbanasi region of Zadar, celebrated in the light of a kerosene lamp due to the absence of electricity.

The Mass was a cherished event, lasting until six in the morning, with Christmas carols sung late into the night, celebrating the birth of Jesus. For children, this was the only time of the year when they were permitted to stay up past midnight.

Zadar Christmas Folklore and Zadar Archipelago Boat Tours

As the holiday season blankets the ancient city of Zadar with a warm glow, embark on a unique journey to unravel the enchanting traditions that define Zadar Christmas folklore. This adventure is made possible through the lens of the Zadar Archipelago Speedboat Tour, providing a dynamic and immersive experience that takes us beyond the surface of the city’s historic streets.

solo boat trip in Zadar
Navigate the waves of time and tradition, discovering the nuances of Zadar Christmas folklore

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