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An Exceptional Private Day Trip to Žižanj Island

calendar iconAug 09, 2023

Escaping to Žižanj Island is the best way to enjoy quality time in a serene environment full of aesthetic beauty. Žižanj Island is an unhabituated and compact islet filled with natural beauty, situated off the coast of Zadar. Thus, when it comes to breaking away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Žižanj Island is one of the best places to experience and the best spot for sea lovers who are in search of solitude and beautiful nature.

Žižanj Island is a true masterpiece of natural beauty amid the Adriatic Sea that can be explored at its best via a private speedboat day trip with Zadar Archipelago. Although it is not that popular in Croatian Islands like Korčula or Hvar, Žižanj Island offers a tranquil and peaceful setting and can be regarded as an ideal spot for speedboat tourism.

Žižanj Island – a captivating oasis

Žižanj is situated off the central part of the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, covering an area of almost 1.7 square miles (4.4 square kilometres). Žižanj Island is also officially uninhabited, meaning it is a place where you can find pristine waters, quiet pebble beaches, olive trees and pine forests. Moreover, it is the best place for boat excursions, hiking, sunbathing and swimming. If you love being close to nature, Zadar Archipelago private speedboat trips wholeheartedly recommend visiting Žižanj.

A beautiful rocky shore of an island in Croatia
Come to Žižanj island and there will be countless hidden beaches and coves, where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing

As Žižanj is surrounded by deep water, you will enjoy all the benefits of a speedboat tour, with the best locations on the island being easily accessible. Beach hopping is always an option, as is picking the best and most private bay and enjoying it for the day.

Why book a private day trip to Žižanj island

Being uninhabited, Žižanj is famous for its undisturbed nature; there is no air and noise pollution, and guests always notice that resting on this island is more profound and through then find a space on a crowded beach. Deep, crystal clear, and azure water runs across the island and provides excellent spots for swimming.

The main attractions of Žižanj are pristine pebble beaches, scenic coastal views, hiking spots, walking tracks amid nature, and diving and snorkeling locations. The interior of the island is full of aromatic herbs, pine forests and olive trees. You can have leisure walks, swim at beaches and explore hidden gems of nature on the island.

Diving and Snorkeling around Žižanj island

The most fascinating thing about Žižanj is its free diving and snorkeling spots, scattered around its wild coast. If you love to swim and explore the shallows by snorkeling, then Žižanj is the ideal spot for you. And since you arrive by speedboat, all the best locations on the island are yours for the taking.

Fish in the Croatian Adriatic sea, near Žižanj island
Snorkeling around Žižanj, you are sure to spot many different fish schools, just swimming around the shallows

Since Žižanj is surrounded by countless perfect snorkeling spots, you can always ask your local Zadar Archipelago tour guides about the best spots for you; find underwater landscapes, coral reefs and a huge diversity of marine life.

Nature and Wildlife around Žižanj Island

It is not wrong to call Žižanj a diverse home of fauna and flora; olive trees, pine forests, aromatic herbs, wild fruits and berries – it`s like you are taking a walk through a botanical garden. Talking about the wildlife of Žižanj, different species of birds can be found on the island, like cormorants and seagulls. Lavender and a boar in the background on Žižanj islandAromatic herbs grow wildly around Žižanj island, so guests can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils filling the air

Among this bounty of life, lie some of the best picnic spots in the entire Adriatic region, for a picnic as it is a less crowded island where you can be in a good relationship with the environment.

Zadar Archipelago recommends planning for a picnic and bringing some snacks and other eatables, finding a shady spot and enjoying a meal and leisure time with your near and dear ones. The peaceful ambience of Žižanj will break you away from everyday stress and allow for unwinding and relaxation.

Why come to Žižanj with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours?

Žižanj offers incredible opportunities for a peaceful and undisturbed private speedboat day trip in the Adriatic Sea with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours. Žižanj Island is not a well-known island in Croatia as few others are, which makes it a perfect location who those who are in need of a little solitude, peace and quiet – away from the big city crowds and busy holiday itineraries.

Take advantage of the chance to discover the unspoiled beauty of Žižanj with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours and make lasting memories of a peaceful getaway in Croatia’s Adriatic paradise.

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