Explore the islands of Zadar Archipelago in style on board a luxury Colnago 33 Boat Rental. You will explore the secluded bays and stunning island locations while enjoying the comfort and privacy of the Colnago 33 Day Cruiser. You will experience a new level of boat rental in Zadar on your tailor-made Private boat tour with an experienced skipper.


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Colnago 33 Limited Edition Cruiser will impress you with its luxurious features as well as the sleek sports line exterior. Apart from that, you will enjoy an effortless cruise across the shimmering sea due to its lightweight performance, spacious and comfortable seating area and a royal-size sundeck.

Royal Duch Day cruiser has a powerful Cummins inboard engine of 420 HP which guarantees a smooth, fast and safe cruise.

Whether you decide to rent a boat in Zadar for a private boat trip, half-day beach escape in private bays of the Zadar archipelago, or just spending quality time cruising around 250+ islands, Colnago 33 is an ideal choice that offers you a perfect blend of style and performance. Explore the stunning island destinations with the guidance of expert local skippers and enjoy the premium island-hopping experience like others.



This price INCLUDES a professional & English-speaking captain (120€ / 8h day), and Checkout & Cleaning Fee (50 € / boat) done by our crew.


FUEL FOR THE BOAT is not included in the price. Depending on your own itinerary, you will spend from 100 € up to 300 € and even more, if you cruise very, very far away. On average our guests spend around 170 € on fuel for a one-day boat trip. Boat fuel consumption is 80 l/h at an optimal cruising speed of 23 knots.

All other expenses are:

(1) Docking, Berthing, Anchorage & Marina fees (if you decide to go to some bays where you need to pay for this),

(2) Tickets to national park Kornati or Telašćica or any other Marine protected area (you are available to book your own tickets upfront, or pay on the boat in cash once you define your cruising itinerary)

(3) Food & Beverages (you are welcome to bring your own food on board, we strongly advise you not to miss having lunch at one of the island restaurants – fresh seafood and top of world gastronomy),

(4) Towels, Water & Beach Accessories (you are welcome to bring your own stuff onboard)

(5) Additional Cleaning Fee for pets on board (up to 40 kilos of weight: dog, cat, monkey, parrot, rabbit …) is 150 € (Pets on board are very welcome on your private boat trips from Zadar, but please note we have to undertake special cleaning procedure afterwards)


Extended swim platform with fixed swim ladders
King-sized and comfortable outdoor lounge area
Hard top with solar panel
Freshwater Deck Shower
Bathroom and toilet onboard
Cosy sleeping cabin
Excellent swim decks when taking a dip in the sea.
Electric Fridge
Cupholders in the lounge area
Stylish Sunbathing area
OPTIONAL EXTRAS Day ticket to National Park Kornati 60 € / per boat per day
Day ticket to Nature Park Telašćica 40 € / per boat per day
Bathing Towels (set of 6 towels) 80 €
Drinks Package 80 € (20 x 0,5l bottles of water, 12 x 0,33 beer, 6 x 0,33 fruit juices)
Tour Guide – Hostess 100 € / day

Please read Boat Rental Conditions before Booking!


Enjoy in the ultimate sense of freedom cruising around 250+ islands od Zadar archipelago in premium comfort of Royal Duch Day Cruiser. Explore the numerous islands with your boat rental, and enjoy in private bays full of wonders.

With Colnago 33 you will get a chance to enjoy a stylish vessel that is custom-made and specially designed for the Adriatic Sea, and can withstand any weather circumstances. Apart from that Royal Duch cruiser is built according to the worlds highest standards, which will make your cruise comfortable and safe.

Moreover, the boat is brand new and serviced, which means you can expect high quality, new and safe boat, which comes with an experienced local skipper with strong know how as its extension.

You will have a very fast and agile speedboat, fith enough space to enjoy in all of its luxurious amenities, and get to experience the next level of island hopping in the dotted Zadar archipelago. Moreover, you will have a large fuel tank, and you won’t have to worry about fuel shortages on your boat trip adventures.

Your local skipper will take you to the best island spots where you can enjoy in complete privacy and make the best use of your king-sized sundeck and the pristine nature of the island bays.

Cruise with class along the coastline of stunning island destinations and explore the secluded bays, while enjoying the comfort and feeling of exclusivity onboard your private Royal Duch Day Cruiser.


  • Extended swim platform with fixed swim ladders
  • King-sized and comfortable outdoor lounge area
  • Indoor saloon with sitting area
  • Kitchen area with cabinets, cooler, gas stove area, sink, and smoke detector
  • Bathroom with Shower and toilet onboard
  • Spacious sleeping cabin
  • Excellent swim decks when taking a dip in the sea.
  • Wide starboard walkway, for easier movement from the stern to the bow
  • Freshwater Deck Shower
  • Icebox 70 L & Electric Fridge
  • Hardtop, cockpit pillows
  • Royal-sized sun deck for unique sunbathing experience
  • Swimming Ladder for easy access to crystal-clear sea
  • GPS, compass, tachometer, navigation charts and nautical guide, SIMRAD all in one nautical instrument
  • 600 L Fuel Tank for a long carfree cruise around gorgeous island locations
  • 4 Waterproof speakers
  • Fusion radio, USB, VHF Radio, Aux cable, Bluetooth, mobile charger
  • Bilge pump, anchor, spare anchor, battery switch, toolbox, position lights, trim indicator, petrol indicator,
  • Flaps and Bow thruster for stabilized and comfortable cruising

Agile, powerful and very comfortable, the Colnago boat is an ideal boat for cruising with style and impressing any sailor moored in the bay. Explore the secluded areas filled with untouched nature, stunning beaches, and private bays with a boat rental that has all you need for an exceptional cruising experience in perfect comfort.

With its sleek lines and sporty allure, this is an ideal vessel for stylish, unforgettable summer holiday, and scenic cruise wether you decide to go with your friends, family or your better half.


Zadar Archipelago boat rentals are up for rental only with experienced local skippers, which we provide from our team of highly trained and experienced sailors which will be at your disposal at any time. Moreover, we will provide you with Safety Gear, and First Aid Kit on board.

If you are still uncertain where to go with your boat rental, your personal Zadar Archipelago booking agent can advise you and create a custom-made itinerary on your behalf. Our team will be at your disposal for all the inquiries you might have, as well as the experienced local skipper.

You are aware and if not, please acknowledge now that you are renting a boat and participating to any of our tour or activity at your own risk.

You are fully responsible, under material and criminal responsibility, for your acts and your behaviour, as well as, for the acts, and the behaviour of your children, and/or any underage guests who enjoy your guardianship.

Given price is for one group, one rent, one contract for up to maximum 8-hour rent.

We do not allow changing the guest as boat is tied by one contract to one group of persons signed in on the crew list. The rule here is simple: new group – new contract – new fee.

Expression “Day rent” means up to 8 full hours of boat rental.

The price does not include expenses that will occur from using the boat.

Besides Inclusions, and Extra Options – you did or did not mark under the price options above, there are additional expenses that will occur on your day rent and you shall be very aware of that:

  1. Fuel Consumption – On a normal working regime at the cruising speed of 24 knots your boat will consume around 65 litre of Super 95 per hour of cruising.
  2. Berthing Fees (some islands are private or private anchorages as well as some beaches. Prices of anchorages vary from 10 to 40 € per boat per stay) Your skipper will advise
  3. Tickets to National Parks (Kornati 80 € / boat / day, Sakarun 40 € / boat / day… etc)
  4. Food & drinks
  5. Skipper and boat hostess if not market differently
  6. End cleaning fee is 60,00 € and it is included in price. Please take your leftovers and garbage off the boat when you leave the boat
  7. Private Pick Up & Drop Off (usually in front of the hotel) might incur additional transfer and berthing costs
  8. Any other costs on top of the described inclusions.

The boat is available for private rental in the period from 09:00 until 19:00

Yes, we are flexible and full of understanding, but we like to go to sleep as well as we work every day.

8 hours rent is not 9 hours, neither 10 hours. It is 8 hours, and every additional hour started will be charged extra as explained below.

Yes, it is possible to extend your stay on the boat upon your request and due to availability.

Extending your stay on the boat will incur extra payment. Every additional hour started, after 8 hours rent will be charged 100 € per hour per boat, and 50 € per hour per skipper / hostess

The boat can be available even through the evenings / nights, in that case the price is different and will be offered upon your special request and due to availability.

Even though professional skipper is aboard with you, damage deposit is required and is 200,00 € payable in cash only.  This amount will be returned to you on your check out if your skipper does not report any problems.

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Champagne sunset champagne sunset cruise zadar archipelago
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