Croatia has seen an influx of solo travellers, due to the ever-changing landscape of international tourism. For this reason, Zadar Archipelago tour operator has developed a special sensibility when it comes to people who prefer to solo travel in Zadar. A very good thing for solo travellers who find themselves around Zadar is that the

On a private speedboat tour, your tour guides can pay more attention to the individual needs of the guests and not treat the group as a homogenous body. You will see more and experience more because there will be fewer people in your group, therefore providing you with more opportunities. Smaller groups also mean less

Opt-in for a boat tour to Pašman island and discover a place filled with joy, happiness, and enjoy in the lush island of the little people with big hearts.  Escape the brimming summer crowds and enjoy the tranquil island its picturesque villages, gorgeous sandy beaches and untouched nature. Pašman will amaze you with its unique

An idyllic day trip to the islands around the Zadar archipelago is always a brilliant idea, no matter if you choose a Group boat tour or Private boat tour. Both options will enable you to visit spectacular destinations and have new and unique experiences. But how to pick one? When choosing your ideal boat tour

Join us for a family boat trip from Zadar and bring your kids island hopping and enjoy a fun-filled family day at sea.  Your children will love a sea adventure, and get a chance to play in sandy lagoons, and pristine bays, where they can feel like pirates and tick off the islands on their

Surprise your loved one with an unforgettable experience in gorgeous island locations and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us on Romantic Boat tours in Zadar archipelago and spend your day on a romantic beach getaway, or celebrate your special occasions on a Romantic Sunset Cruise. Here are a few suggestions of the

Croatia is well-known for its dotted archipelago full of unparalleled beauty, and Zadar is an ideal base for exploring countless bays and numerous stunning islands. Here is our list of must-visit islands in Zadar archipelago in 2022. Discover the island of diversity – Dugi Otok Dugi Otok is one of the largest islands in Zadar

Discover Island Rivanj, a place where you can rest your body and soul, recharge your batteries in the shade of old olive groves. Rivanj island private boat tour will give you a chance to explore stunning secluded bays, swim in crystal clear sea, enjoy in best summer activities. This often-overlooked island is a true hidden

Nearby Islands often get overlooked by travellers in search of remote islands and secluded bays, but on a Private Boat Tour to Ugljan Island you will discover numerous wonders of nature only 15 minutes of speedboat ride away from Zadar. Ugljan Island is an ideal place for every nature lover due to its lush Mediterranean

Imagine exploring numerous islands full of crystal clear sea on your private boat trip, and exploring breathtaking spots filled with unspoiled nature, and countless bays. You can easily discover all the most beautiful spots in complete privacy on your next private boat tour. Moreover, you will be able to experience the islands uniquely, customise your

If you want to explore all the stunning spots around the Zadar archipelago, a boat tour with local crew is the best way to do so. You will be able to enjoy care-free on your fully-guided boat tour, stay safe, discover breathtaking spots known only to locals and enjoy new and unique experiences. Zadar Archipelago

Ugljan Island Boat Tour will be an ideal match for anyone looking for a half-day beach escape to stunning island lagoons. You will get a chance to explore the best beaches in Ugljan and hidden bays on your Boat excursion.  It’s not uncommon for Croatia’s beaches to be pebbly, but if you are a lover

Explore the tranquil oasis full of pristine nature and private bays on your Sestrunj island Private Boat tour. Experience the unique island atmosphere and enjoy complete privacy in awe-inspiring settings.  Proudly standing in the archipelago, looking like the mighty mountain thrown into the sea Sestrunj island hides numerous unique and stunning spots. Sestrunj island is

Treat yourself to a unique boat trip to Olib Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic and discover stunning sandy beaches of unparalleled beauty. Olib island is a remote oasis, full of breathtaking locations and private bays, which makes it ideal for a boat trip in the high summer season. Your local

Visit the Hidden gem of the Adriatic known as the “Honey Island”, explore the stunning sandy lagoons, discover an underwater world filled with surprises, explore the smallest inhabited island Galevac, and enjoy the best summer activities.  In ancient times, the Molat island was known for producing exquisite honey, while its people engaged in numerous activities,

A boat tour to nearby islands in the Zadar archipelago is always worth it. You will get a chance to explore the best island spots on your Molat & Ugljan Boat tour, enjoy the best summer activities, and still be home before dinner. You will see the iconic lighthouse, swim in the crystalline sea and

Kornati boat trip is one of the most praised day trips from Zadar, and it is suitable for everyone, no matter how old or how “fit” you are. On a full-day boat tour to the Kornati islands, you will enjoy the best summer activities, discover extraordinary spots filled with unspoiled nature, explore the underwater world,

Opt-in for a Dugi Otok boat trip and discover stunning island bays, snorkel around the sunken ship, explore Golubinka cave, climb up the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic and enjoy breathtaking Sakarun bay. The Best of Dugi Otok trip is carefully planned to give you the best island hopping experience. You will visit 7 spots

Beaches in Zadar region are one of the most attractive spots in hot summer months, ideal for a getaway from brimming summer crowds and enjoying the summer activities to the fullest. There are countless beaches in Zadar region, from sandy lagoons to pebble coves with crystal clear sea, but how to know which beach to

First time on Zadar Archipelago boat tours? Let us help you with a few easy steps that will make your day trip from Zadar an easy and fun-filled experience. Every experienced traveller knows good preparation is the key to a care-free trip, with these simple tips, you can rest assured you will enjoy your boat

Wondering what you can do on your boat tour from Zadar? Possibilities are countless, just relax and enjoy the best summer activities in spectacular surroundings. Your Zadar Archipelago crew will make sure you enjoy the best summer activities in stunning island locations. Here is our quick guide about 10 fun things to do on a

Zadar archipelago is filled with unspoiled nature and pristine bays, and your local crew will help you discover the best spots on your boat tour in Zadar. Since the islands of the Zadar archipelago are diverse, boat tours in Zadar are thrilling and full of unique experiences. On a day trip with us, you will

Discover a unique atmosphere of nightlife in Zadar, after a relaxing day on the beach, breathtaking sunset on Zadar promenade and delicious dinner in a local restaurant. Opt-in the bar-hopping adventure and enjoy the vivid atmosphere before the wild night of clubbing. Here is our complete guide to Nightlife in Zadar, where you can go,

Imagine the turquoise bays of Silba island inviting you to take a dip on a hot summer day, far away from brimming summer crowds and completely liberated from cars.   On Silba island you will get a chance to enjoy in peaceful ambience, discover fascinating island fables, snorkel with sunken sarcophagi, soak up the sun in

Discover 11 fun-filled things to do in Zadar, explore numerous fascinating places, visit countless extraordinary spots and enjoy wonderful moments. Since Zadar is located in an exceptional location, it is an ideal base for your next Croatian vacation, and it will offer you more time to live in the moment and explore, experience and feel