Wondering why visit Zadar in summer 2022? Here are a few simple reasons: location, 3000-year-old heritage, unique atmosphere, unparalleled beauty, a vast archipelago, stunning sunsets and unspoiled nature and some of the reasons why you should visit Zadar. Apart from that, one of the reasons why you should choose Zadar as your next holiday destination

When in Zadar, one simply does not need the sun to have fun! There are countless possibilities and things to do in Zadar when it rains. Although summer rain is the perfect way to cool off from the hot summer days, nobody likes rain when on holiday, but don’t worry Zadar has a lot to

Discover 11 fun-filled things to do in Zadar, explore numerous fascinating places, visit countless extraordinary spots and enjoy wonderful moments. Since Zadar is located in an exceptional location, it is an ideal base for your next Croatian vacation, and it will offer you more time to live in the moment and explore, experience and feel

Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy a comfortable family boat trip through the stunning Zadar archipelago. Explore the islands with your loved ones and discover breathtaking lagoons, sandy beaches and charming fisherman villages. Take a dip into the crystal clear sea and let the family boat trip in Zadar begin! A family beach

When visiting this region, local products in Zadar and exquisite gastronomy will be a big part of your holiday experience, but some of them are unique for Zadar county and it would be a shame if you don’t try them out on your holiday. Here is our quick tasting guide for a top 8 local