Zverinac island is a charming patch of land located between the islands of Dugi Otok and Sestrunj, opposite Božava village. The total surface of the island is less than 5km2, and it is populated by 42 people during the entire year. Since it belongs under the municipality of Sali, the main settlement of Dugi Otok,

A unique place with less than 50 inhabitants, Sestrunj island has three ports, from where you can begin exploring this fabulous island. When on a day trip with Zadar Archipelago, you can always ask your expert local skippers and tour guides for advice, about which side of the island is best to start with. Whatever

Opt-in for a boat tour to Pašman island and discover a place filled with joy, happiness, and enjoy in the lush island of the little people with big hearts.  Escape the brimming summer crowds and enjoy the tranquil island its picturesque villages, gorgeous sandy beaches and untouched nature. Pašman will amaze you with its unique

Discover Island Rivanj, a place where you can rest your body and soul, recharge your batteries in the shade of old olive groves. Rivanj island private boat tour will give you a chance to explore stunning secluded bays, swim in crystal clear sea, enjoy in best summer activities. This often-overlooked island is a true hidden

Located between the islands of Iž and Dugi Otok, Rava island belongs to the wider region of the Zadar archipelago area, meaning it is easily reachable by boat tours, beautiful and equipped with everything needed for an unforgettable summer experience in Croatia. With nearly 20 kilometres of coastline and dozens of bays and coves, Rava

Since it is only 20 nautical miles from the city of Zadar, Žut island, translated to English “Yellow island” offers an excellent opportunity to experience a true Robinsonian atmosphere, very close to the mainland. Žut island is part of the Kornati archipelago, an incredible National Park situated in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic sea. 

Explore the nautical paradise filled with unspoiled nature on your Kornati Boat trip and have a fun, active day trip.  Apart from stunning nature, scenic views and crystal-clear sea, Kornati National Park along with its sister Telaščica Nature Park will give you a chance to experience new and exciting activities. Here is our list of

Located opposite the famous holiday resort village of Pakoštane, Vrgada island also has a claim to fame, thanks to its numerous sandy beaches, as well as natural pebbly coves and shaded groves filled with lush Adriatic vegetation. Since the island of Vrgada is only 3 kilometres long (1.8 miles), visitors and travellers have no problems

Ugljan Island Boat Tour will be an ideal match for anyone looking for a half-day beach escape to stunning island lagoons. You will get a chance to explore the best beaches in Ugljan and hidden bays on your Boat excursion.  It’s not uncommon for Croatia’s beaches to be pebbly, but if you are a lover

Explore the tranquil oasis full of pristine nature and private bays on your Sestrunj island Private Boat tour. Experience the unique island atmosphere and enjoy complete privacy in awe-inspiring settings.  Proudly standing in the archipelago, looking like the mighty mountain thrown into the sea Sestrunj island hides numerous unique and stunning spots. Sestrunj island is

Treat yourself to a unique boat trip to Olib Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic and discover stunning sandy beaches of unparalleled beauty. Olib island is a remote oasis, full of breathtaking locations and private bays, which makes it ideal for a boat trip in the high summer season. Your local

Visit the Hidden gem of the Adriatic known as the “Honey Island”, explore the stunning sandy lagoons, discover an underwater world filled with surprises, explore the smallest inhabited island Galevac, and enjoy the best summer activities.  In ancient times, the Molat island was known for producing exquisite honey, while its people engaged in numerous activities,

A boat tour to nearby islands in the Zadar archipelago is always worth it. You will get a chance to explore the best island spots on your Molat & Ugljan Boat tour, enjoy the best summer activities, and still be home before dinner. You will see the iconic lighthouse, swim in the crystalline sea and

Once you arrive on Ošljak island, prepare to be amazed by the quality and quantity of natural beauties and wonders. Dare to experience the unimaginable beauty of this fairy-tale-like island and bask in the magnificence of the pure and serene Adriatic atmosphere. Choose to explore the coastline with a boat tour from Zadar and familiarize

Wondering what to do in Zadar for summer 2022? Explore the extraordinary beaches on a boat trip from Zadar and enjoy summer to the fullest. Swim, snorkel, splash and jump into the crystal-clear sea with style on mesmerising lagoons. Your expert Zadar Archipelago crew knows all the best beaches for a perfect beach escape on

Kornati boat trip is one of the most praised day trips from Zadar, and it is suitable for everyone, no matter how old or how “fit” you are. On a full-day boat tour to the Kornati islands, you will enjoy the best summer activities, discover extraordinary spots filled with unspoiled nature, explore the underwater world,

Opt-in for a Dugi Otok boat trip and discover stunning island bays, snorkel around the sunken ship, explore Golubinka cave, climb up the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic and enjoy breathtaking Sakarun bay. The Best of Dugi Otok trip is carefully planned to give you the best island hopping experience. You will visit 7 spots

Beaches in Zadar region are one of the most attractive spots in hot summer months, ideal for a getaway from brimming summer crowds and enjoying the summer activities to the fullest. There are countless beaches in Zadar region, from sandy lagoons to pebble coves with crystal clear sea, but how to know which beach to

Join us on your next boat adventure and explore the wonders of the Golubinka cave. Enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the crystal-clear sea, and witness the spectacle of colours inside of this magnificent sea cavern. Experience unique adventure and have a highlight of your Croatian vacation!  In Golubinka cave you will discover a hidden beach

Imagine the turquoise bays of Silba island inviting you to take a dip on a hot summer day, far away from brimming summer crowds and completely liberated from cars.   On Silba island you will get a chance to enjoy in peaceful ambience, discover fascinating island fables, snorkel with sunken sarcophagi, soak up the sun in

Veli Rat is one of the most spectacular bays in the entire Zadar archipelago, and it will surely make you fall in love at the first sight. Here you will enjoy a combination of pebbly shore and translucent sea, but once you step into the water, you will be amazed how serene an afternoon swim

Experienced travellers know very well that after a whole day of sightseeing & exploring monumental sites in Zadar, the best thing to do is grab your mask & explore some of the best snorkeling spots in Zadar archipelago on your boat trip. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or an experienced snorkeler,  there

Jump off your boat into the amazing turquoise sea and make a splash! Dive in the azure waters at Sakarun Beach and enjoy the tranquillity of pristine nature around you on your boat trip. Feel the warm white sand under your feet as you walk around the lagoon with soft summer breezes blowing through your

Explore the Galevac island on your private boat trip, and discover a small patch of land located just 80 meters across the biggest fishing village of Ugljan island – the settlement of Preko. Seeing that Ugljan island goes hand in hand with the tiny islet of Galevac, seize the opportunity and experience the best of

Dugi Otok is well known for its diversity and natural beauties, but that is not the only thing that this spectacular island has to offer. Opt-in for a completely new and different experience on your next boat tour in Zadar. Enjoy the epic adventure and a thrilling speedboat ride through secluded bays and let your

What is Sali? The biggest settlement on Dugi Otok and administrative centre of the island, located on the island`s north-eastern coast. Sali village on Dugi Otok is an unavoidable spot after boat trips aimed towards exploring the nearby Kornati National Park, a must-see location for all travellers and visitors in Croatia. This atmospheric village is

Discover an island with an interesting shape on your next boat trip and visit the Ist island, which can be found 20 nautical miles away from Zadar, the main maritime traffic hub of the region. Ist island is placed in the same municipal group as the islands of Olib, Silba and Molat, which are all

Discover Božava Village with the expert guidance and the helping hand of the Zadar Archipelago tour crew, and undertake a full-day boat trip titled “The Best of Dugi Otok”. On this boat tour, you will get to know all the secrets of this long and beautiful island. Familiarize yourself with spectacular beaches, splendid pine forests,

Prepare to enjoy a scenic boat tour filled with splendours of nature that cannot be found anywhere else in the world except on Molat Island. This place is unique for its bio-diversity, as well as the incredible clarity of the sea surrounding it. This makes Molat island a perfect target for all those who are

Discover heart-shaped “island of love” – Galešnjak island, a wondrous gift of nature where Beyonce herself celebrated her birthday, and a place where numerous couples decided to commemorate their eternal love. The shape of Galešnjak island greatly contributed to the Adriatic being recognized worldwide as a destination where travellers can experience unforgettable boat trips in

Located between the wondrous islands of Dugi Otok and Ugljan, with less than 500 inhabitants and only 2 villages on the island, you can be certain that Iž island is the place you seek if you are looking for a tranquil oasis where nature still reigns supreme over all other aspects of modern life. The

A sunset is the most photographed phenomenon in the whole wide world. With its gracious colours and extraordinary scenery vista over the crystal blue waters of Adriatic, the famous Zadar sunset is way up there on the top. For a great number of years it is among the most popular tourist attractions in Zadar and