Team building refers to activities that employees outside the company do to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as motivate employees. Team building in Zadar has the primary purpose of improving employee cooperation, fostering trust among them, and promoting communication while visiting stunning island destinations on a thrilling boat tour.  Opt-in for a Boat Tour

An idyllic day trip to the islands around the Zadar archipelago is always a brilliant idea, no matter if you choose a Group boat tour or Private boat tour. Both options will enable you to visit spectacular destinations and have new and unique experiences. But how to pick one? When choosing your ideal boat tour

Surprise your loved one with an unforgettable experience in gorgeous island locations and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us on Romantic Boat tours in Zadar archipelago and spend your day on a romantic beach getaway, or celebrate your special occasions on a Romantic Sunset Cruise. Here are a few suggestions of the

There’s nothing quite like a summer beach picnic in Zadar Archipelago to create unforgettable holiday memories, bring the family together, have a romantic date or simply get some fresh sea air into your lungs. Get ready to pack your favourite picnic basket and fill it with finger food, light snacks and seasonal fruit and enjoy the

Croatia is well-known for its dotted archipelago full of unparalleled beauty, and Zadar is an ideal base for exploring countless bays and numerous stunning islands. Here is our list of must-visit islands in Zadar archipelago in 2022. Discover the island of diversity – Dugi Otok Dugi Otok is one of the largest islands in Zadar

Imagine unspoiled nature, the sound of waves and crickets, turquoise sandy lagoons and complete privacy wherever you go. Boat rental in Zadar is an ideal way to turn that daydream into reality.  When it comes to boat rental in Zadar, one of the biggest advantages is the vast and dotted archipelago with 200+ islands for

Croatia and Zadar will inevitably be on the map this summer when it comes to top musical events – Amnesia Ibiza Monument to the Sun! In conjunction with the Ibiza Take Over Croatia festival, Amnesia from Ibiza, one of the world’s most famous club brands, has chosen Zadar to open its second edition. Zadar’s Tourist

Enjoy in workation in Zadar and its surrounding islands full of unspoiled nature, gorgeous peaceful locations, and spectacular bays. You can take a work break to take a quick dip in the crystal-clear sea, whenever you want, and enjoy the “best office view” in the world while getting through your workday.  Remote working has the

Wondering what to do on your Easter holidays? Look no more! Join us on an Easter boat trip from Zadar to nearby islands & enjoy unspoiled nature on stunning island destinations in complete privacy. Discover lush island vegetation, enjoy the warm spring sun, and opt-in for a Unique Easter hunt. Bring your picnic blanket &

Warm Spring sun, ideal temperatures, crystal-clear sea and unspoiled nature without any crowds are what make the Spring Break Boat excursion in Zadar so unique. You will get a chance to visit mesmerising island destinations, conquer panoramic vistas, and enjoy untouched nature in serene settings, without any crowds.  You can enjoy carefreely and explore the

Imagine exploring numerous islands full of crystal clear sea on your private boat trip, and exploring breathtaking spots filled with unspoiled nature, and countless bays. You can easily discover all the most beautiful spots in complete privacy on your next private boat tour. Moreover, you will be able to experience the islands uniquely, customise your

Wondering what you can do on your boat tour from Zadar? Possibilities are countless, just relax and enjoy the best summer activities in spectacular surroundings. Your Zadar Archipelago crew will make sure you enjoy the best summer activities in stunning island locations. Here is our quick guide about 10 fun things to do on a

Zadar archipelago is filled with unspoiled nature and pristine bays, and your local crew will help you discover the best spots on your boat tour in Zadar. Since the islands of the Zadar archipelago are diverse, boat tours in Zadar are thrilling and full of unique experiences. On a day trip with us, you will

Discover a unique atmosphere of nightlife in Zadar, after a relaxing day on the beach, breathtaking sunset on Zadar promenade and delicious dinner in a local restaurant. Opt-in the bar-hopping adventure and enjoy the vivid atmosphere before the wild night of clubbing. Here is our complete guide to Nightlife in Zadar, where you can go,

A sunset is the most photographed phenomenon in the whole wide world. With its gracious colours and extraordinary scenery vista over the crystal blue waters of Adriatic, the famous Zadar sunset is way up there on the top. For a great number of years it is among the most popular tourist attractions in Zadar and

Zadar County is an area with one of the best beaches in Croatia. Apart from that, there are so many wonderful things to do in Zadar that sometimes you simply don’t know where to begin. Is it beautiful nature, an old heritage, uniqueness of the Zadar Sea Organ, Zadar old town, or numerous islands of

Enjoy summer night stargazing Shooting stars that usually appear in the sky in August, will have its own ‘fireworks’ that culminates in the night on 13th when hundreds of them will be skimming the dark sky, promising an unforgettable experience. These days, the stars are visible as never throughout the year, so find your spot

A week full of activities and events is ahead of us. If it’s your first time in Zadar – welcome, if you had been here before – welcome back! Do not worry for there are plenty of novelties to make your holiday wonderful. Use your days well and take some time to explore what we

Dear visitors from around the world, welcome to Zadar! This charming coastal Croatian city will be your perfect holiday spot with its amazing offer of attractions, sights, activities and events. If you are wondering what to do in Zadar this week, we suggest you the following: Spend the evening at the Sea organ and Greeting

In the article, we want to show you some must see places in Zadar and Zadar County. Bur before, let us start like this. Every passionate traveller holds on closely to the memories of their wanderings around the world. Whether it is a shell from a Portugese beach or a special edition of Marcel Proust

You have booked your trip and now it is time to get ready for a fun day full of activities. To pack wisely – pack lightly. Luckily, hot summer trips are much easier to pack for, the season of thin layered clothes and bikinis is on. To make your trip as comfortable as possible, you