Veli Rat is one of the most spectacular bays in the entire Zadar archipelago, and it will surely make you fall in love at the first sight. Here you will enjoy a combination of pebbly shore and translucent sea, but once you step into the water, you will be amazed how serene an afternoon swim

Jump off your boat into the amazing turquoise sea and make a splash! Dive in the azure waters at Sakarun Beach and enjoy the tranquillity of pristine nature around you on your boat trip. Feel the warm white sand under your feet as you walk around the lagoon with soft summer breezes blowing through your

Discover an island with an interesting shape on your next boat trip and visit the Ist island, which can be found 20 nautical miles away from Zadar, the main maritime traffic hub of the region. Ist island is placed in the same municipal group as the islands of Olib, Silba and Molat, which are all

A sunset is the most photographed phenomenon in the whole wide world. With its gracious colours and extraordinary scenery vista over the crystal blue waters of Adriatic, the famous Zadar sunset is way up there on the top. For a great number of years it is among the most popular tourist attractions in Zadar and

Discover a unique atmosphere of nightlife in Zadar, after a relaxing day on the beach, breathtaking sunset on Zadar promenade and delicious dinner in a local restaurant. Opt-in the bar-hopping adventure and enjoy the vivid atmosphere before the wild night of clubbing. Here is our complete guide to Nightlife in Zadar, where you can go,