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Enjoy the best summer experiences at stunning island locations. Experience more, get more and feel more on your next boat trip in Zadar.

Zadar Archipelago – Your personal guide to the best boat tour experiences

Island hop around the dotted seascape of Zadar archipelago with more than 300+ islands, swim in stunning island bays, recharge your batterie in sandy beaches relax in unspoiled nature, snorkel around the sunken ship and explore the vivid underwater world brimming with marine life.

Enjoy scenic panoramic vistas, thrilling speedboat rides, cliff jumping, riding through the military tunnel, sea cave exploring & other unique experiences.

Beach Sports

Stay active on your boat tour & have fun at the same time with exciting beach sports on stunning spots.

Boat Tours with Beach Sports

Cave exploring

Get a sense of astonishment at majestic Golubinka Cave, snorkel at the secluded beach & be prepared to be amazed.

Boat Tours with Cave exploring

Cliff jumping

Once in the lifetime experience! Be bold, take a deep breath, and leap into the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea with us!

Boat Tours with Cliff jumping


Cruise around the numerous dotted islands & explore the countless secluded bays on your day trip in Zadar.

Boat Tours with Cruising


Hike up to the island hilltops and conquer the breathtaking 360 vistas on the Zadar archipelago seascape.

Boat Tours with Hiking

Island Hopping

Explore the 300+ islands and countless bays on your boat adventure around the dotted Zadar archipelago.

Boat Tours with Island Hopping


Explore Zadar archipelago on your next boat adventure and see all its splendour on a scenic speedboat ride.

Boat Tours with Sightseeing


Enjoy an underwater adventure, explore the shipwreck, vivid marine world & unique spots on your day trips in Zadar.

Boat Tours with Snorkeling


Get a bronzed tan on the gorgeous beaches in Croatia or enjoy basking in the sun on your next speedboat adventure.

Boat Tours with Sunbathing


Swim in the unique sandy lagoons, discover pristine nature & the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea on your Zadar boat trip.

Boat Tours with Swimming