We guarantee full money refund if the trip is postponed under any circumstances. If you cancel not later than 48 hours before the tour starts, you are able to get a full refund, without any extra charges. Exceptionally, if the period before departure within which we receive written notification of cancellation is less than 24 hours you will be charged by 100% of the full price of the trip.

We only do small group day tours with never more than 12 passengers. Our tours sell out very quickly and have exclusive itineraries, so we advise you to pay couple of days up front. The simplest way to do it is to book and buy your ticket online through our web shop on our official webpage. We advise you to pre-pay online or you can pay directly at our office at least 24 hours before (if possible) so your reservation is 100% confirmed and we can guarantee that your seats will be available. We cannot guarantee that you will find available seats if you only show up at the departure location.

Most of the private tours are organised on your special requests. Prices can vary depending of destinations, itinerary, what the trip includes, and other additional preferences. Please CLICK HERE to contact us so we could tailor your private trip.