Must see places in Zadar

5 panoramic views around Zadar that will give you goosebumps

Every passionate traveller holds on closely to the memories of their wanderings around the world. Wheather it is a shell from a Portugese beach or a special edition of Marcel Proust In search of lost time from a dreamy Parisian bookshop all of these items are hoovering around in my home. They are reminders of the best of times, of the new and fascinating that I have discovered on my own, of what I conquered.

But possibly the easiest and the best way to save your memories is photography. Your photos can tell all about the places you’ve been to, the people you’ve met and the stories you’ve heard. When you come to Zadar, your photos will share the story of the most beautiful sunset in the world, of the sea singing to the people, of the centuries old little narrow streets, of lazy summer days. Don’t miss to visit these spots for the best views around:

⦁ St. Anastasia’s bell tower

From the bell tower of the cathedral you can overlook the old city. Get charmed by the red roofs and many more bell towers pointing to the sky. The view stretches all the way to the Velebit mountain on the northeast and the islands on the southwest horizon.


⦁ The highest peak of the butterfly island Ist

The island of Ist in the Northen Dalmatia has a specific shape to it and is best seen from the 174 m high peak which requires some hiking. If this doesn’t sweep you off your feet, the panoramic view will for sure. It watches over all the nearby islands and islets of Zadar Archipelago, the magnificent Velebit mountain and the eye can see all the way to Kvarner on the west.

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⦁ The top of the Kornati National Park

The bare naked islands in Kornati Archipelago in the contrast with the clear blue skies and vibrant blue sea are best viewed from the peaks of the biggest island – Kornat. This particular spot is easy to reach even if you’re wearing summer shoes. Once you get up there, the silence, the light summer breeze and this view will make you serene.


⦁ Velebit peaks

Take a day to go for a hike to the Velebit mountain which separates the coast and the inland. Depending on which spot you choose, eyes can see all the way to the islands in the distance as well as the inland, Lika.


Photo courtesy: A. Gospić

⦁ Telaščica cliffs

The outside of the Long Island is known by the sea carved cliffs which resist to the open sea. It is fascinating to see the crowned islands of Kornati and, if you’re here in late afteroon, you can wave off the fishing boats to their expeditions.