Enjoy a PRIVATE Zadar Sunset Boat Tour with a small motor yacht. RELAX  in complete privacy, enjoy sunset countdown & toast to the special sunset moments. EXPERIENCE the magical sunset which amazed even Alfred Hitchcock. DISCOVER magnificent panoramic views on mountain Velebit, Ugljan Island, and the City of Zadar. Enjoy in the moment and toast to life with champagne. You will SEE Zadar from a completely new point of view! You will CRUISE around the footbridge,  historical defense walls under the protection of UNESCO,  Puntamika lighthouse, ancient Landgate in harbor Foša. Get AMAZED by sunset on the horizon & see the largest Sphinx in Europe and learn the love story her origins. You will discover all the charms of Zadar Promenade & HEAR the song of the sea on the Sea Organ.

IMPORTANT – Book the number of tours needed.  If you are booking a private tour for a group choose 1 as the quantity of a product.

*Please write down the number of people on the tour in the booking form on page 2, so we know to plan and prepare the perfect trip for each guest.

*Please let us know do you prefer champagne, white, rosé, or red wine in the contact form on page 2.

*Please wear flat shoes on the boat.

DEPARTURE TIME 19:00. Check in Time 18:30. Be on time!

*Flexible according to your schedule.

*Please leave us a note on a booking form if you have other desired departure time.

Fuel & Navigation Costs Fruit Salad
Anchoring Fees Safety Gear
Berthing Costs Bottled Water
Municipality Tax Champagne or Wine
Tourist Tax
Local and Experienced Skipper
First Aid Kit 
Motion sickness pills
To make you comfortable on the tour bring the least possible, only necessities such are:
ID, Passport or Driving Licence
Flat shoes


Zadar Channel, a very straight sea passage between the islands of Zadar Archipelago and the City of Zadar, is famous for fishing tradition, sailing, kite, and windsurfing spots. Enjoy the panoramic view of Zadar from the middle of the archipelago. gaze upon distant mountain Velebit, city of Zadar and Old city center and its unique promenade.

The Island of Ugljan or Olive Island is known for old traditions of olive oil production, St. Michael fortress, and fisherman’s culture.

Little island Galevac, also called Školjić is just 85 meters from Preko village, the surface of 30.000 m2 and it is one of the smallest islands of Zadar archipelago. Its thick pine forest makes it an oasis of beauty and peace, and its natural beaches offer you a relaxing time on the Island. In the middle of the Island, there is a monastery and little church of St. Paul from the 15th century. It is the smallest inhabited island on the Adriatic coast and a true example of traditional architecture.

Zadar Footbridge & Defense Walls

Begin your sunset cruise tour of  Zadar by admiring the defensive walls that protect the city on three sides. They were built first by the Venetians in the 16th century as a defense against the Turks, then reinforced at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The oldest part of the walls is on the eastern side where a footbridge connects the old town with the newer parts. Zadar’s walls were named a World Heritage Site in 2017.

Harbour Jazine – You will get to see the home of Basketball, the famous Jazine where the legendary NBA player Krešimir Ćosić played basketball in his early days. On your way to the Jazine, you will get to see the Pegla building, famous for its shape that reminds of Iron.

Zadar City Walls – UNESCO World Heritage Site-Zadar is one of those European historical cities whose identity is related to the UNESCO World Heritage. Its city walls were impenetrable and they were defending the city from conquerors for centuries, offering a secure shelter for its citizens. Today, the walls make for a beloved promenade for travelers from all over the world. Since 2017, by the decision of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the famous Zadar city walls that the people of Zadar call Muraj, have been included in the World Heritage Site list. The walls were built in the 12th and 13th centuries and reinforced in the 16th century for the purpose of the Venetian defense against Turkish conquerors. The city walls got their official name “Walls of Zadar Uprisings” after the eleven uprisings of Zadar citizens against the Venetian Republic authorities.

The Rowing Boatmen of Zadar – You will see the traditional rowing boats of Zadar. As Venice has its famous gondolas, Zadar has the rowers of Zadar. From early morning to late evening, the Barkajoli take passengers and tourists with a little rowing boat across the Zadar peninsula to the mainland and back, thus cultivating, according to some daring explorers, a 3,000-year-old tradition.  The walk that ends on the city walls continues at the other end of the city port, and the easiest and shortest way to get to the other side is to use the service of Zadar Barkajoli. Since the 14th century, these persevering guardians of tradition have been carrying passengers over in small boats in all weathers. Tradition is passed down from father to son, from one generation to anotherThey traditional role is to connect Old Town Zadar with the new part of Zadar -near Marina Zadar. You will recognize them by their signature orange boats.

Zadar Sphinx – The stories about the Zadar Sphinx, and the treasure buried under it, were the inspiration for numerous fantasies by generations of Zadar citizens.  The replica of the Egyptian Sphinx in Zadar had the relief of an eagle on its chest, and instead of paws, it had fingers, with which it was once holding a big sword to protect a little fishpond in the shape of a shell. In 1918, devastated by the pain of the premature loss of his wife, Attilia, the famous Zadar citizen Giovanni Smirich had a Sphinx built of concrete in her honor. It is located in the part of the city called Brodarica, within the grounds of Villa Attilia and the park in the Maestral bay, and according to a legend, since it was built in memory of a beloved woman, it is said that it grants love wishes.

Puntamika Lanterna- is a lighthouse located on Oštri rat at the top of the peninsula of Zadar, often called Puntamika as the peninsula on whose coastline it is standing and revealing it to the sailors. The Puntamika Lighthouse in Zadar is one of the 50 lighthouses that the Austro-Hungarian monarchy has donated to the Croatian coast and the Adriatic seaplanes. It was built in 1869 at the north of the entrance to Zadar harbor. The lighthouse keeper`s house is still here, with a 14-meter high tower whose light stretches 15 Miles all around.

Zadar Seafront – Riva- The Zadar seafront called Riva, is a place of meeting, gathering, and happenings, as well as a place for pleasant strolls with the view over the Ugljan and Pašman islands, and the endless open sea to the northwest. It is embellished by magnificent palm trees, ancient holm oaks, and other lush vegetation. The construction of Riva is connected to the distant 1868 when, by the order of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, Zadar was no longer a city-fortress, and that reflected very quickly on its urban development.

The University of Zadar and the Chapel of St Demetrius-The impressive building of the University of Zadar on the seafront was built at the beginning of the 20th century in Neoclassicist style for the needs of the former Lyceum of St Demetrius. The first University in Zadar was founded way back in 1396, and it was re-established in 2002. The Chapel of St Demetrius was redecorated and renovated and represents one of the rare examples of Neoclassicism in Dalmatia.

Foša Harbour– Foša is a municipal little harbor in Zadar and one of the symbols of the city. Because of its centuries-old atmosphere and position next to the Renaissance ramparts, it is one of the favorite places to go for a stroll, to take photographs, and enjoy the lavish harbor coloring. The ramparts upon this atmospheric and historical little Foša harbor were built in the 16th century, and a part of its mystical and ancient atmosphere still exists today.  From the historical Land Gate to the building of the University of Zadar, the little Foša harbor is an indispensable promenade for travelers as well as tourists, and one of the recognizable symbols of the city.

Sea Organ-Zadar is a proud owner of a unique blend of architecture and music, the world-famous Sea Organ, which is located right next to another modern installation, the Greeting to the Sun. The sounds that the Sea Organ produces are a result of the release of sea energy, or rather waves and tides. The Sea Organ stretches out over about seventy meters of the Zadar waterfront, below which 35 pipes have been installed. When the most beautiful sunset illuminates the waterfront, the game of lights by the Greeting to the Sun accompanies the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the Sea Organ.

Greeting to the Sun-The new symbol of Zadar is located in the Zadar port on the western point of the Zadar Peninsula. The Greeting to the Sun is overlooking the Zadar Channel, the islands, and the world-famous sunset. With this installation, Zadar has got a new tourist attraction. This contemporary installation is made of 300 multi-layered glass solar panels in the shape of a circle of a 22-meter diameter. Throughout the day, it collects the energy of the Sun and transforms it into electricity, which is then used by and around the installation throughout the night. The Greeting to the Sun in the immediate proximity of the Sea Organ, another modern installation on the Zadar waterfront, and both have brought Zadar to the front pages of all the global media.[/showhide]


18:30 - Check-in & Departure

Come to Zadar Archipelago Office (Obala kneza Trpimira 2, Zadar) for check-in at 18:30 the latest. Please don’t be late because there are some things to be done prior to the trip. Please prepare your ID or other documents with your personal details for registration needs. The boat departs at 19:00 sharp from Marina Tankerkomerc (in front of the office).

19:00 Sightseeing cruise around Zadar Old Town & city harbors

Experience Zadar from another point of the view! You will discover traditional rowing boatmen of Zadar, cruise around historical defense walls & footbridge. Enjoy the living history from the comfort of your modern small motor yacht and treat yourself with lovely arranged snacks.

19:20 – Sphinx & Puntamika Lighthouse

Discover the biggest Sphinx in Europe & listen to the love story behind its origin. Enjoy cruising around Zadar bays and experience the unique sunset moments with your loved ones. Enjoy the seaside view on the Puntamika lighthouse and relax at the moment.

19:50 – Champagne toast in the middle of Zadar channel

Relax in a sunset countdown & toast to the special sunset moments. Enjoy being pampered, and lose yourself in the tranquillity of the sea.  Witness unique moments as the sun paints the sky with a spectacular burst of colors. Find out why Hitchcock said “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.” during his visit to Zadar in May 1964.



20:10 – Completely new vista on Zadar Seafront & Mountain Velebit

Experience unique panoramic views on the Zadar seafront. Soak up the vista on the Promenade & ancient roman Forum bathed in sunset colors.  Enjoy stunning backdrop views on mountain Velebit, Old Town Zadar and Island Ugljan, and island Galevac on another side.

20:35 – Zadar City Walls-UNESCO World Heritage Site & Foša Harbor

Experience the beauty of Zadar city walls – and cruise around UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a magical cruise in Habour Foša, and view on historical Landgate. You will enjoy sipping champagne in unique surroundings in the comfort of your PRIVATE boat.

20:45 Salute the sun with the sea view of Zadar and Sea Organ

Relax on a panoramic boat ride near Sea organ and & Sun Salutation Before leaving the tour, enjoy the fascinating sea view of Zadar old city center cruising along the waterfront boardwalk and experience completely different impression of Sea Organ music. Let all of your senses be free and completely experience all the glory of your PRIVATE boat tour.


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