Dugi Otok Boat Tour: Ultimate Boat Adventure | Zadar Archipelago
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Dugi Otok Boat Tour: Ultimate Boat Adventure

The ultimate Boat Tour on the unique island of Dugi Otok with 7 stops. Unveil numerous private bays, Snorkel on sunken shipwreck. Explore the majestic Golubinka Sea Cave, Relax on Saharun sandy Beach, explore mysterious abandoned submarine bunkers, chill in Božava village.

„We had a great boat trip. Crew were excellent, boat was good fun, the scenery & stops were amazing. The cave especially was stunning. Highly recommend.”

- Mark from Bournemouth, UK - 03/09/2022

Boat Tour Experience

Highlights & Activities

• Enjoy Speedboat trip from Zadar, Passing Through western part of Zadar Archipelago

• Dive in & Snorkel on sunken shipwreck on Lagnići islets, discover flourishing flora & fauna

• Witness the shimmering of unique colours inside the Golubinka Sea Cave as you explore it.

• Take a dive in crystal blue sea on Velo Žalo- the great pebble Beach

• Discover the Saharun Sandy Beach and learn how to play the local sport of “picigin”.

• See highest Lighthouse tower on Adriatic on Veli rat.

• Take a break, relax & taste local products in Pantera bay restaurant.

• Explore abandoned submarine bunker, cold war relict now serving as safe harbour

• Admire stunning view to Zadar Old Town, Zadar Sea Organs & The Greeting to the Sun

Start time & Meeting Point

google maps zadar archipelago

DEPARTURE / RETURN LOCATION: ZADAR ARCHIPELAGO Office – Obala kneza Trpimira 2, 23000 Zadar

TOUR CHECK-IN TIME: 08:15 on the day of the tour. MUST BE ON TIME!
Refunds will not be issued if tour/activity is missed due to late arrival or non-arrival!

Boat Tour Includes

Complimentary Snacks & Drinks Per Person:

check mark symbol 2x 0,5 Bottled Water
check mark symbol 1x 0,2 Fruit Juice (for kids)
check mark symbol 1x 0,5l Cider or Beer
check mark symbol 1x Fruit Salad
check mark symbol 1x Pack of Dry Salty Snack Sticks

Complimentary Gear Per One Boat:

check mark symbol 14x Mask & Tube Snorkelling Set
check mark symbol 6x Beach Rubber Ball
check mark symbol 2x „Buče“ Game Set
check mark symbol 14x Windproof Jackets – Rain Coats
check mark symbol 2x 200ml Sun Protection Cream
check mark symbol 2x 500ml Liquid Spray Sanitizer

Boat Tour Essentials:

check mark symbol Speed Boat Amenities & Boat Insurance
check mark symbol Captain – English Speaking
check mark symbol Guide – English Speaking
check mark symbol Cruising Expenses (Fuel, All Taxes & Permits)
check mark symbol Anchorage, Marina & Berthing fees
check mark symbol Entrance Fees to marine protected areas
check mark symbol 14x Life Vests
check mark symbol Full Safety Gear
check mark symbol First Aid Kit

Not Included:

x symbol Lunch (Local Restaurant Option)
x symbol Restaurants, Bars, Shops & Other Expenditures (Take Enough Cash)
x symbol Tips & Gratuities (Guests Leave 10-15% Tip to the Crew as a Sign of Gratitude)
x symbol Shoes, Clothes, Hats, Towels, Swimming Suits … (Please Bring Yours)

Boat Tour Itinerary

dugi otok boat tour itinerary map

8:30 – Check-in & Departure

Come to Zadar Archipelago Office (Obala kneza Trpimira 2, Zadar) for check-in at 8:30 the latest. Please don’t be late because there are some things to be done prior to the trip. Please prepare your ID or other documents with your personal details for registration needs. The Silba and Olib boat tour departs at 9:00 sharp from Marina Tankerkomerc (in front of the office).

10:45 – Sunken Ship Snorkeling &  Sea Cave Exploring

Snorkel around a majestic 76m (249ft)  long shipwreck of the Italian merchant ship, explore the vivid marine world, & meet the wild fishes on your Dugi Otok Boat Tour.  Located near Veli Rat, Michelle is the shipwreck of an Italian merchant ship that sank in August 1984. Today she is a very attractive diving & snorkeling spot. The wreck is partially protruding above sea level, which means it can be easily located, and it is easily accessible. Grab your snorkeling gear and enjoy an underwater adventure around this amazing shipwreck

On your next stop, you will explore the unique natural phenomenon – majestic Golubinka Sea Cave. You will swim into the fascinatingly shaped cavern, be amazed by the colours of the rocks inside the cave, discover a beautiful hidden beach, and experience the pleasure of swimming with the sun rays that protrude through the cavern’s ceiling. Be bold, take a deep breath and jump from the cliffs for your once-in-a-lifetime experience or just relax and enjoy the shallow Brbišćica bay and take advantage of a small private beach on your Dugi Otok Boat Tour.

12:45 – Charming panorama of the Great White Stone beach

The Great White Stone Beach is the next highlight of the Dugi Otok Boat Tour. This stunning lagoon is located near the small island of Mežanj which will charm you with vibrant colours and a stunning view of the horizon.

You will visit one of the most stunning beaches on Dugi Otok & get a chance to enjoy the best summer activities. Veli Žal bay will mesmerize you with its crystal-clear sea, sandy seabed & famous white pebble coast. Take a moment for a refreshing dip & enjoy it to the fullest.

Savour life and swim in the sand and pebble seabed, snorkel and explore exciting fish species or just relax far away from the crowd with a spectacular view on one of the most beautiful beaches on Dugi Otok.

14:00 – Water sports and ‘picigin’ game at Sakarun; free time for lunch

Enjoy the most praised beach in Dalmatia – Sakarun Beach, and try out “Dalmatian unofficial sport” – Picigin. Grab a bite, or cocktail in the shade of the pine trees and relax.

Experience true summer joy in this gorgeous 800-m-long sandy lagoon and take a moment to notice the white sand and crystal-clear sea. Sakarun Beach is an ideal spot for families with children and non-swimmers due to its shallow waters.

Even 250 meters from the shore the depth is only 3,5 meters so you have a lot of space for swimming in the shallow sandy clear sea.

After your beach escape, you will get to visit Veli Rat, enjoy unspoiled nature, have a relaxing stroll under the shade of the pine trees, witness the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic, and some of the cleanest bays on Dugi Otok. If you wish, your crew can book a table in a restaurant with prime seats and an awe-inspiring view & mouth-watering fresh local food.

You will get a chance to witness Punta Bianca Lighthouse, famous for its yellow colour. According to the legend, its recognizable colour was made from 100.000+ seagull egg yolks. Moreover, this fascinating lighthouse is 46m (150ft) high, which makes it the highest lighthouse in the entire Adriatic Sea.

16:30 – Ride through Military tunnels

After a lunch break on Veli Rat, you will have a thrilling ride through Military tunnels on the West coast of the Dugi Otok. There you will witness the might of a 70 (230ft) meters long military tunnel. Discover the army hideout place and find out where submarines went to slumber, and learn the backstory of this intriguing place.

17:00 – Visit the small Mediterranean village of Božava

As the day comes to an end, you might need a relaxing spot to refresh yourself, grab a gelato, go for a swim or take a shower on the beach. Your next Dugi Otok Boat Tour spot is ideal for these activities.

You will visit a small Island village Božava, where you can opt in for a nice and relaxing walk through the picturesque village and enjoy beautiful small bays surrounded by pinewoods.

There you can swim and dive into a crystal clear sea, enjoy an afternoon coffee in charming cafes or grab a refreshing ice cream with a view of the islands of Zverinac and Sestrunj or just spend time discovering some genuine local traditions.

18:30 – Salute the sun with the sea view of Zadar and Sea Organ

Before leaving your Dugi Otok Boat tour, enjoy the fascinating sea view of Zadar’s old city centre, while cruising along the waterfront boardwalk and experiencing a completely different impression of Zadar. Enjoy a symphony of sea and wind and listen to the Sea Organ music from the comfort of your speedboat.

Boat Tour Full Description

Join us on a Dugi Otok Boat Tour to uncover the hidden gem of the Dalmatian islands. As the largest island in the Zadar Archipelago, Dugi Otok lives up to its name (“Dugi Otok”= “Long Island”). We will lead you through the island’s most treasured secrets, revealing the best that it has to offer.

Snorkel around the impressive 76m (249ft) long shipwreck of the ship Michelle and explore the vivid marine world while making acquaintances with wild fishes. Michelle is the shipwreck of an Italian merchant ship that sunk in August 1984.

Today, it serves as an attractive diving and snorkelling site. The wreck partially protrudes above sea level, making it effortless to locate and access. Get your snorkelling gear ready and delight in an underwater adventure around this stunning shipwreck.

On your next stop, you will discover the majestic Golubinka Sea Cave. Swim into the intriguingly shaped cavern, marvel at the colours of the rocks inside the cave, uncover a gorgeous hidden beach lit with the sun rays that seep through the cavern’s ceiling.

Experience the magnificence of the Great White Stone Beach – Veli Žal, located near the small island of Mežanj. Here, you can indulge in the best summer activities while being mesmerized by the crystal-clear sea and famous white pebble coast.

Experience the true essence of summer joy on Sakarun sandy beach with a stunning 800m long sandy lagoon and & try out the “Dalmatian unofficial sport” of Picigin. You can also grab a bite or a cocktail near the sandy shore and just unwind.

After your beach adventure, visit Veli Rat and take a relaxing stroll under the shade of the pine trees. If you wish, your crew can book you a table in a restaurant with prime seats and an awe-inspiring view, serving mouth-watering fresh local food.

On this tour, you will also get a chance to witness the 46m (150ft) high Veli Rat Lighthouse which makes it the highest in the Adriatic, renowned for its sturdy 120-year-old facade withstanding salt & wind. Its unique construction was made from 100,000+ seagull egg yolks.

After Veli Rat, get ready for an exhilarating speedboat ride through the submarine bunkers on the west coast of Dugi Otok. You will witness the power of a 70-meter (230ft) long military tunnel, explore the navy hideout & learn about the intriguing history of this place.

As the day winds down, you will visit the charming Mediterranean village of Božava, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk through the picturesque streets or take coffee or gelato in one of the bars and marvel at the small bays surrounded by pine woods.

As your Boat tour comes to an end, take in the captivating sight of Zadar’s old city from the water as you cruise along the waterfront boardwalk. This will give you a unique perspective of the city. Enjoy the beautiful melody of the Sea Organ music played by the sea and the waves.

Important Information

Please bring a valid document – passport/ID/driver’s license to the tour check-in – required on the day of travel.

Each passenger is required to sign a Release of Liability at check-in. Participants must be 18 years of age or require a parent or guardian to sign on their behalf.

Passengers are not allowed to smoke (cigarettes, vapes, cigars) while on board our boats.

Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.

Tour booking Cut-Off time is 60 minutes, please call us directly for last-minute bookings.

This Adventure will Take You on a Full-Day Boat Tour of Approximately 80 Nm Round Trip, With Stops To the Islands, Aboard With Up To 14 People, Open-Air, No Sun Shade, Speedboat Style Boat.

Multiple Boats with Their Own Crew & Guests can Attend the Same Tour

Dress Code is Casual: Swimming Suits, Light Summer Clothes, Long Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt (If Feel Chilled in the Morning), Walking Shoes, Towels, Hat, Sunglasses … All For An Active Stay On Boat Trip and at the Islands.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Children up to age of 5 must sit in their parents/guardian’s lap.

Our Speedboats are not suitable for anyone with a history of serious medical conditions including but not limited to, disability, heart condition, back or neck injuries, recent surgery, and/or current or suspected pregnancy.

Speedboats are not wheelchair accessible.

Please note that our mandatory life vests (flotation suits) are suitable for individuals up to 130 kg.

We advise you to bring local currency cash for personal expenditures: food and drinks or souvenirs on location, souvenirs… Card payments on distant islands might not always work.

Boats are Being Washed Top-Down Every Day. Gear/equipment is well sanitized. Hand sanitiser is available to all travellers and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free car parking available on the sight?

No. We do not have free car parking area designated for our guests. The car parking is available in the marina, and it costs apx. 2€ per hour of stay.

Are there toilets on your speedboats?

No. Our Speedboats are open-air boats, and therefore do not have washrooms on board. We recommend that you use the Guest washrooms (located in the Marina) before your departure. The Guide will advise you about washrooms on the tour stops.

Do I need to book boat tour in Advance?

Yes. We recommend booking this boat tour a few days ahead as all our tours tend to sell out by that time. If you are running late or you decide not to join the tour, please contact us immediately by calling +385 (0)99 627 3333

Are the tours suitable for young children?

Children of all ages are welcome on our boat tours. As responsible parents, you must know best, and can make the best judgement if and how your children can enjoy along the itinerary out on the boat for full-day tour.

Are your Speedboats safe?

Yes. All our speedboats are in hands of experienced captains (no matter how young they look) and they are all certified by Croatian Ship Registry. Speedboats are fast but are very stable. There will be no 360-degree turns, nor nothing extreme on this tour. These boats are designed for fast and very comfortable transfers and not a thrill park ride.

What is “Free Cancellation” Policy?

You will receive full refund, with no questions asked:

1) If you are individual traveller or booking for group up to 4 people and you cancel your tour 24-hours in advance prior your tour starts. There will be no refunds for cancellations within the cancellation period.

2) If you are traveling (booked) for a group of 5 and more people and you cancel your tour 72-hours in advance prior your tour starts. There will be no refunds for cancellations within the cancellation period.

3) If the tour gets cancelled by any reason from our side (weather, minimum occupancy, Force Majeure) You will receive full refund, with no questions asked.

View full cancellation policy.

Since 2015 we are providing best boat tours from Zadar. We were asked many questions and we have provided many answers. If you want to know more, please check our FAQ section by clicking to this link.

About Us

We are a team of young, energetic and (others say) very professional group of people – born, raised and living on, and with the sea. We enjoy taking guests to various off-the-route and secluded destinations. Above all, we „live for“ customer satisfaction measured in smiles and happy moments spent aboard our boat tours and with us.

All our tours are original and were invented by us. Since 2015. we are perfecting our tours and counted over 15.000 guests aboard our vessels. With such a huge experience and success recognized by international partners, we are known as the most awarded and overall best boat tour operator in Zadar.

Come and judge for yourself, we look forward to meeting you!


€ 132

HRK 994

Small Groups

Max 12 Adults per boat

Full-day Boat Tour

From 09:00 until 18:30

Free Cancelation

Full Refund up to 24h before start

Boat Tour Reviews

Loved The Day! 10/10

Best day of our holiday so far, Dora and (super)Mario were great, they looked after us, made sure everyone had anything they needed, gave us information on every site we visited and even spotted a jellyfish for us to see! Refreshments were provided (fruit, beer, cider, water, crisps) as was snorkelling gear for everyone. We saw loads of fish and the sunken ship was amazing. Absolutely worth the price for a full day boat tour!!! ☀️🌊🦑

- Eleanor from Denver, US - 06/09/2022

Fantastic Day

Really recommend, start point is a easy short walk if your staying around the old town area, a nice small group size and friendly staff. Snorkelling was amazing with snorkel supplied. Over all a fantastic day and highly recommend, plenty of time at each stop as well

- Jason from Nottingham, UK - 10/03/2023

Great boat tour experience

This Boat Tour takes you to 7 spots, each with its own charm. The cave, however, deserves a special mention as it is so beautiful. The boat tour is packed with water activities so it's better If you can swim. Our 7-year-old son got a life jacket from the crew and loved every minute of the experience.

- Alejandro from Spain - 01/09/2022

Great boat trip, even greater crew

The boat trip was great, lots to see, but the best thing was the crew: Tonci, the captain, and especially Maria, the tour guide. She was fun, interesting, full of information and always of service. Will definitely be going back to one of these boat trips, hopefully with the same crew.

- Katarina from Ljubljana, Slovenia - 31/08/2022

Great staff

Unreal boat tour, the pictures really don't do it justice. The staff were all great and very helpful, we had Ivan and Ivana on our boat. Definitely the best thing we did Zadar, would highly recommend anyone to do it.

- Luke from Australia - 31/08/2022

Best tour, best crew

Crystal clear turquoise sea, sandy beach, snorkelling on an 18th century shipwreck and swimming into a cave - I don't know which of those experiences I liked more! It was really a day to remember 😍 I would highly recommend this boat trip to all travellers :) And special thanks to Ms. Dora and Mr. Karlo for being such great hosts. They really made us all feel safe and taught us so much!!

- Alexis from London, UK - 03/08/2022

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